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How To – prepare the celeriacs from seared pork fillet & catherine wheel sausage in 30-Minute Meals

00:00:04hi I’m Georgie from James food team and

00:00:06I’m gonna show you how to pair celeriac

00:00:08for cooking in the microwave you start

00:00:10by getting a speed peel a potato peeler

00:00:12and you’re gonna need to peel your

00:00:14celeriac completely you don’t want to

00:00:17eat the earthy skin so quite be quite

00:00:20gentle because you don’t want to cut

00:00:23yourself the same time quite firm

00:00:24especially get it all off it’s quite a

00:00:26knobbly unusual-looking vegetable and

00:00:29you might have to go over the same area

00:00:30a couple of times make sure you get all

00:00:32the brown this skin off

00:00:35just keep turning it and balance it on

00:00:38your board so you don’t cut yourself you

00:00:40want to keep peeling into all the sort

00:00:42of a little eyes and a little brown and

00:00:44green bits are gone you want a lovely

00:00:46clean white surface you can trim the

00:00:56bottoms or the rooty edge let’s go as

00:00:59far as you can pierce alaric then the

00:01:04end bits quite routing so don’t worry

00:01:07too much we can trim that bit off but

00:01:09finish off that push to one side and

00:01:14trim off the edge push that’s the old

00:01:25board a little white get all that earth

00:01:27away and get yourself a bowl and you

00:01:32want to cut your slack into even size

00:01:34chunks to put your knife down the middle

00:01:37of the Celerio neck again it’s quite a

00:01:39large tough vegetable

00:01:42just turn it around and carry on cutting

00:01:45to the other side we’ve had on top

00:01:48pressure to stop it from moving

00:01:51and then turn it onto the flat edge and

00:01:55then you can trim off again but this

00:01:57part any sort of other fibrous root ends

00:02:03that you can’t get your speed peeler and

00:02:08then you just want to chop those like

00:02:10and to even size chunks so using a

00:02:13things as a guide push down the way to

00:02:15your hand and chop again and then just

00:02:23cut it into even size challenge do you

00:02:25want to cook all at the same time

00:02:57okay I’m just gonna

00:03:08just cut all these fibers but again just

00:03:10never send and then we’re gonna flavor

00:03:13our celeriac so when it’s steaming it

00:03:15Canon fusible lovely flavors we’re going

00:03:17to use some lemon so just get this lemon

00:03:21she’s half a bit I cut it in half

00:03:23squeeze the juice in use your hands

00:03:26catch any tips you don’t want making

00:03:31your food and we’re going to actually

00:03:34put the squeezed lemon half in the bowl

00:03:36so carry it carries on infusing the

00:03:38celeriac and then for a bit more flavour

00:03:44I’m just a couple of sprigs of thyme

00:03:46here and they pick the leaves off this

00:03:49is a really soft time to just way too

00:03:52much for a bit of stalk just pick those

00:03:55put them in the bowl if you’ve got a

00:03:57good sprig just hold the top of the

00:04:00stalk and run your fingers down

00:04:02backwards this is quite soft time so you

00:04:06just pull the leaves off that way some

00:04:10of the wood yer curves a better then

00:04:16once you’ve got all those and make sure


00:04:24give it a good pinch of salt and pepper

00:04:27so there’s some fresh ground black

00:04:29pepper pinch of sea salt and then also

00:04:36to steam it coz we’re going to cover

00:04:38cling film and you want to steam it so

00:04:39it cooks add a splash of hot water from

00:04:42your kettle and that will steam it from

00:04:44your sides we’re now going to cover it

00:04:46some cling film and that rolling walls

00:04:49will just make sure it cooks immediately

00:04:54let’s make sure that it gets completely

00:04:57covered seal it all the way around and

00:05:08we need to do now is pop that in the

00:05:09microwave for 12 minutes and you’ll have

00:05:11perfectly cooked Larry