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Start a Cosmetics Business with No Money

00:00:08hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to

00:00:11another edition of ask Evan in today’s

00:00:13video I’m going to answer a question

00:00:15from one of my readers Judith who wrote

00:00:17in asking about how to start up a

00:00:18business without a lot of money so she

00:00:20wrote in saying dear I’m going to have a

00:00:22question for you is it possible for

00:00:24someone to start a business with very

00:00:26little capital or no capital at all and

00:00:29grow I’m looking at a cosmetic business

00:00:31I want to try this business but the

00:00:33challenging part here is it’s so

00:00:35competitive regards Judith so Judith it

00:00:38is absolutely possible to start a

00:00:40business no capital or almost no capital

00:00:42if you look at any famous entrepreneur

00:00:44almost they started with almost nothing

00:00:46if you look at any of the profiles on my

00:00:48web site of the famous entrepreneurs

00:00:50brand name people that you know they

00:00:53started with just an idea very little

00:00:55capital and we build up their business

00:00:57so don’t think you have to have big

00:00:59investors venture capital angel

00:01:01investors on board or a huge loan from

00:01:03the bank you’ll start your business most

00:01:05people start with nothing just hard work

00:01:08sweat equity grinding it out until they

00:01:10become successful so to make it happen a

00:01:13couple of ideas for you don’t start

00:01:15spending money until you’re making money

00:01:18so try to figure out ways to start your

00:01:20business on a smaller scale we still

00:01:23have may have a big vision for where you

00:01:24want to go but you start on a smaller

00:01:25scale without spending a lot of money so

00:01:28you can start part-time if you need to

00:01:30start a service-based type of business

00:01:32instead of having a product don’t invest

00:01:34in any major equipment that you don’t

00:01:37absolutely need start out of your home

00:01:40so if you’re doing a cosmetic business

00:01:41start something out of your home start

00:01:43something that a service base and start

00:01:46with something that you don’t have to

00:01:47invest a lot of money into and start

00:01:49getting known for excellent service and

00:01:52excellent quality on maybe one specific

00:01:55thing so you might not be able to

00:01:56compete with everything and you’re up

00:01:57against bigger more established players

00:01:59but try to find one thing that you could

00:02:01be known as the best act and really

00:02:05focus in on that provide amazing awesome

00:02:07service that people want to keep coming

00:02:09back for that

00:02:10other friends about and that’s a good

00:02:11way to start as you start building up a

00:02:14little bit of capital money is coming in

00:02:15then you can look at expanding your

00:02:17services potentially get in a retail

00:02:20space or an office space find more

00:02:23equipment and that’s how you can grow

00:02:24but you start by keeping things really

00:02:27low cost service space don’t invest a

00:02:30lot of money invest your time and energy

00:02:32into providing an amazing service

00:02:34getting that momentum and word-of-mouth

00:02:37marketing happening for your business

00:02:39and eventually be able to grow it up so

00:02:41I hope that helps if you guys like the

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00:02:45and I’ve also love to hear your feedback

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