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Startup – Selling to Radio Stations – Ask Evan

00:00:08hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to

00:00:11another edition of ask Evan in today’s

00:00:13video I’m going to answer questions from

00:00:15one my readers Ronald who wanted my

00:00:17advice on his new startup idea so what

00:00:19he is trying to do here is you want to

00:00:21sell software to international radio

00:00:24stations to help them broadcast a

00:00:27greater audience online and reduce their

00:00:29bandwidth costs and make it super easy

00:00:30to set up and use and reach that wider

00:00:33audience and he was asking you know this

00:00:36is what I want to start with do you

00:00:37think international radio stations will

00:00:38buy this thanks Ronald so Ronald I know

00:00:42not too familiar with international

00:00:44radio stations but it doesn’t really

00:00:45matter the best advice that I have for

00:00:47you is go and start talking to them find

00:00:50a potential customer see if they

00:00:52actually have this problem that you

00:00:54think they have and see if they’d be

00:00:56willing to pay you to solve it right the

00:00:58best way to start a business is around a

00:01:00paying customer the worst way to set of

00:01:03businesses think oh here’s a great idea

00:01:05I think people want to do it and you

00:01:07spend all this time and imagery creating

00:01:08something that at the end of the day

00:01:11nobody really wants now you’re in the

00:01:12software business so the only investment

00:01:14is going to be your time you know money

00:01:17buying things but still you know your

00:01:19time is valuable and hopefully you want

00:01:21to spend it in ways that will generate

00:01:22you know good return is something that

00:01:24you’re excited about working on as well

00:01:26so go talk to these guys go talk to

00:01:29radio stations smaller ones to start

00:01:31with people who will spend the time with

00:01:32you and try to find out if this is a big

00:01:35problem and build it around their

00:01:38specifications some personal experience

00:01:41I’ve had a software companies before and

00:01:43one of the big mistakes that we made was

00:01:45we had a software company and we created

00:01:48what we thought was a really cool

00:01:50feature and we spent months working on

00:01:52this one feature it was the most

00:01:53complicated feature in our software and

00:01:55at the end of the day once we released

00:01:58it we found out that our customers

00:01:59didn’t care about it you know they

00:02:01wanted a small portion of that at that

00:02:03work to be okay but we spent all this

00:02:05time creating this feature that we

00:02:06thought people liked but they didn’t and

00:02:08luckily we had enough other features

00:02:10that we were still

00:02:11able to sell our software and make some

00:02:13money from doing it but how much better

00:02:15would our top forbidden if we didn’t

00:02:17build this feature when we build other

00:02:18ones that our customers really wanted so

00:02:20the lesson is talk to your customers

00:02:21right before you start building

00:02:23something go talk to your customers to

00:02:24find out if they really want it or not

00:02:26and they’ll help guide your first

00:02:28generation and then your future

00:02:30generations as well you want to build

00:02:31everything around your customer base so

00:02:34hopefully that helps I want to also

00:02:36invite one of my friends Danny in e to

00:02:38share his advice for you and give you

00:02:40some extra feedback on what you can do

00:02:42to grow your business

00:02:53well Ronald it sounds to me like you’re

00:02:57an engineer and you have some expertise

00:02:58in the hardware and software

00:03:00technologies that would be required to

00:03:01develop this sort of Technology a sort

00:03:04of solution you know it’s very common

00:03:06for inventors for engineers for

00:03:09entrepreneurs who are focused on the

00:03:11product side to think about what is a

00:03:13really cool really valuable product that

00:03:15they could put together and then take it

00:03:18and start shopping around for who is

00:03:19someone who’d want to buy it what you

00:03:22really need to do because that can work

00:03:24but it leads to a lot of situations

00:03:26we’ve got entrepreneurs with products

00:03:28they put a lot of time and money into

00:03:29building with nobody who wants to buy it

00:03:32what I would suggest to you is start by

00:03:35looking for a need before you look for a

00:03:36product so look at the way that

00:03:39international radio stations are

00:03:40currently doing business how things are

00:03:42working for them how they connect with

00:03:44their audience and what is preventing

00:03:46them from taking the next step what are

00:03:49the next steps that they really want to

00:03:50be doing are they trying to reach new

00:03:51audiences are they trying to broadcast

00:03:54online what are the things are trying to

00:03:56go into and what’s missing for them to

00:03:58be able to do that and then develop a

00:04:00solution that is going to allow them to

00:04:02do that to overcome whatever it is

00:04:04they’re trying to overcome next it’s

00:04:07possible that want to buy this I don’t

00:04:09know I’m not an expert in international

00:04:11radio station business models but I can

00:04:16tell you that if you start with the

00:04:17product and then look for the need often

00:04:20you end up with a product and no sales

00:04:22whereas we start with the need and then

00:04:23build a product most of the time you’re

00:04:25going to have someone who’s going to

00:04:26want to buy it so I hope that was

00:04:28helpful to you Ronald and to everyone

00:04:30else was watching Russ Ronald if you

00:04:32have any further questions or want to

00:04:33explore this a little further you can

00:04:35find me a fire pole marketing com and in

00:04:39the meantime I wish everyone lots of

00:04:41success and I’ll see you all in the next


00:04:45so run of a hope that was useful for you

00:04:48I hope my advice and danny’s from

00:04:50fireball marketing was was useful and

00:04:52you can go home and implement that into

00:04:53your business if you guys liked the

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