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Effective Backlinking Strategies – Ask Evan

00:00:08hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to

00:00:11another edition of ask Evan in today’s

00:00:13video I’m going to answer a question

00:00:14from one of my forum readers who’s

00:00:16asking about backlinking so wrote in

00:00:18asking in your opinion what’s your back

00:00:20linking packages contain what do you

00:00:22think are the most effective strategies

00:00:23that can be used in back looking so you

00:00:26coming a little old school but I don’t

00:00:28believe in buying links I haven’t bought

00:00:30backlinks is part of my website and I

00:00:33think it can have a negative impact on

00:00:34the long-term success of your business

00:00:36right if you’re caught by backlinks it

00:00:38can have a big negative impact on your

00:00:41rankings in the search engines so you

00:00:44want to think long term and where your

00:00:45business is going to go you want to

00:00:47avoid vine backlinks but there are a

00:00:49couple of great ways that you can build

00:00:51backlinks legitimately that can help you

00:00:53with your rankings and I want to share a

00:00:55couple of those with you today so the

00:00:56first that I really enjoy is using a

00:00:58press and hopefully you’re an expert in

00:01:00whatever you’re doing as an entrepreneur

00:01:02we should be experts in our field and

00:01:04whenever the media is covering of story

00:01:07they’re looking for experts to come and

00:01:09comment on it so you should be that

00:01:11expert why not you right you should be

00:01:13really good at what you’re what you’re

00:01:15doing so the first step is to build up a

00:01:18media list think of anybody who covers

00:01:20your industry and start creating

00:01:22potential stories for them and try not

00:01:24to create a press release but actually

00:01:26give them a story idea that can be

00:01:27really useful and helpful and when I

00:01:29first started doing this every week I

00:01:31would send out a new story idea to my

00:01:33list and almost always got picked up by

00:01:36at least one media outlet and again

00:01:38whenever I’m credited they link to my

00:01:41website hopefully so it’s a great way to

00:01:42build backlinks and the media sites are

00:01:45usually very high authority and can have

00:01:48a nice impact on your google rankings so

00:01:50that’s one great way to do it the other

00:01:52way that I used more often now is I

00:01:54subscribe to service called PR leads and

00:01:56this is where reporters will publish

00:01:58their stories that they’re looking for

00:02:00experts on so they haven’t actually

00:02:01created their story yet there’s the

00:02:03lists all the topics that they’re going

00:02:05to be right in development that they

00:02:06need expert commentary for so you could

00:02:09be that expert

00:02:10talked about before and as a demo I’m on

00:02:12my website on how to use it it’s 100

00:02:14bucks a month or ninety nine dollars a

00:02:15month but it’s super useful and I found

00:02:17it’s gotten me into the New York Times a

00:02:19couple other big-name media outlets so

00:02:22definitely great way to check out and

00:02:24you’re going to be spending money

00:02:25instead of buying backlinks this could

00:02:27be a good investment of that money the

00:02:30second thing I found really useful in

00:02:32terms of building up backlinks is

00:02:34testimonials so think about all the

00:02:36different products and services that you

00:02:38use and offer the company at testimonial

00:02:41assume when you really like the service

00:02:43and you want to you know put your name

00:02:45on it entrepreneur is always looking for

00:02:47people to leave testimonials and if you

00:02:51contact the company and say hey I really

00:02:52like using your product or service I’d

00:02:54love to offer a testimonial for you if

00:02:55they link to your website and usually

00:02:58when people are showing in testimonials

00:03:00they’ve put in a pretty prominent place

00:03:02right you don’t want to bury your

00:03:03testimonials you want to showcase it

00:03:04front and center your happy customers so

00:03:07this could be an opportunity for you to

00:03:08potentially you can get on the homepage

00:03:09which can carry a lot more linking power

00:03:12than being buried somewhere on an inside

00:03:14page so right to the companies that you

00:03:16you know you use their product tell them

00:03:19you like to create a testimonial and you

00:03:20can include even a picture or

00:03:22potentially even a video as long as they

00:03:24link back to your website as part of the

00:03:26credit and you should people are more

00:03:28than happy to do that it’s a great way

00:03:29to build up a one way link from

00:03:31established websites the last thing that

00:03:34I find really helpful is building great

00:03:36content and you want to build content

00:03:38that people want to link to so part of

00:03:40that is just having really really good

00:03:41content that people enjoy but you can

00:03:43also design some content that is made to

00:03:46be shared and made to be linked to so

00:03:48anytime you’re talking about social

00:03:50media or blogs Facebook Twitter that

00:03:52kind of stuff you’re probably going to

00:03:54get a lot of links into your site so one

00:03:56of the things that we do is every month

00:03:58we’ll create a top 50 list of blogs for

00:04:01a different area that still deals with

00:04:02entrepreneurship so one month it could

00:04:04be top 50 social media blogs next month

00:04:07it could be top 50 Human Resources blogs

00:04:09still tied to entrepreneurship and then

00:04:12we’ll let the bloggers who are on the

00:04:13list know about it and we’ll tweet about

00:04:15it and let all of our fans know about it

00:04:17and what that generates is a lot of

00:04:19linking in

00:04:20get upwards of thousand links coming

00:04:21just to that one post because people

00:04:23want to share those types of things so

00:04:25anytime you have a top list people love

00:04:28that kind of stuff and what that does is

00:04:31not only help boost that one page but it

00:04:33helps your entire link profile for your

00:04:35website and everything else starts to

00:04:37benefit from those links so you built in

00:04:39as well so having those kind of key

00:04:41pieces of content that can build links

00:04:42is super helpful as well so hopefully

00:04:45that gives you some ideas of what I’ve

00:04:46done that’s been successful you know by

00:04:48links can be an effective short term

00:04:51strategy I don’t have any success or

00:04:53examples to share with you from my own

00:04:55experience but hopefully what I gave is

00:04:57useful and helpful if you guys liked the

00:04:59video please give it a thumbs up and I’d

00:05:01love to hear your thoughts and feedback

00:05:03especially if you’ve done your own link

00:05:05building strategies leave a comment

00:05:07below the video and stay tuned for the

00:05:09next episode