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What should I major in to be an entrepreneur – Ask Evan

00:00:08hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to

00:00:11another edition of ask Evan in today’s

00:00:13video I’m going to answer a question

00:00:14from one of our readers Diana who was

00:00:16asking me what she should major in at

00:00:18college so she wrote in asking hello I’m

00:00:21a subscriber to your newsletter and I

00:00:23really enjoy them thank you I wanted to

00:00:25know if you have any advice for me I’m a

00:00:27college student with a passion for

00:00:28design and business I already have sales

00:00:31experience and love the business

00:00:33industry I just can’t decide what to

00:00:35major in I was thinking of event

00:00:37planning and majoring in business

00:00:38management do you think it’s an

00:00:40enjoyable and lucrative occupation any

00:00:42tips anything would be helpful maybe

00:00:44other job ideas Thank You Diana so Diana

00:00:47a couple things for you here in terms of

00:00:49is it enjoyable to be in the event

00:00:51management business that’s completely up

00:00:53to you right we all have different

00:00:54things that we like and don’t like I

00:00:55know for me I wouldn’t enjoy being an

00:00:57event planner but for you it could be

00:00:59the best thing ever so I’d really

00:01:01encourage you to follow what you’re

00:01:03super passionate about and that will

00:01:04lead you down the road of success in

00:01:06terms of it being a lucrative career or

00:01:08not the amount of money that you make as

00:01:10an entrepreneur will be in direct

00:01:12proportion how much value you can add to

00:01:14your customers so look at the event

00:01:16management business look at the types of

00:01:18customers you’re dealing with if you see

00:01:20an opportunity for you to come in and

00:01:21solve a real problem and add a lot of

00:01:24value to helping your customers then

00:01:25you’ll be on your way to setting up a

00:01:28very lucrative type of company in terms

00:01:31of what to study in school business

00:01:33management could be great it’ll teach

00:01:35you some of the skills that you need to

00:01:36run your business I would definitely

00:01:38look to see if there was an

00:01:39entrepreneurship course or a small

00:01:41business course you can sign up for what

00:01:43I found really helpful when I was in

00:01:44university was I partnered up with one

00:01:46of my university professors and I

00:01:48created my own course so at the time I

00:01:51had my own business already and wanted

00:01:53to use the resources of the university a

00:01:56little bit to help me grow my business

00:01:57because as an entrepreneur you want to

00:01:59use everything you can to get your

00:02:00business forward

00:02:01so I partnered up with him and we

00:02:04created our own course design and a lot

00:02:06of it was around helping my business

00:02:08grow and he supported that concept and

00:02:10gave me a mark at the end of it and

00:02:11there’s no final exam which is fantastic

00:02:13so I would love to see if you could

00:02:15partner up with one of your professors

00:02:16and create your own course to help you

00:02:18grow a business

00:02:19on top of that to see if event-planning

00:02:21this for you or not I try to start my

00:02:23own business part time and take on a

00:02:25couple clients and see if you’d like

00:02:27doing the business see if you’re really

00:02:28good at it see if you can add a lot of

00:02:30value to your customers or partner up

00:02:32with an event management business offer

00:02:34your services on a part-time basis and

00:02:37see if you enjoy doing it talk to the

00:02:40owner try to add as much value as you

00:02:41can try to be involved in the business

00:02:43as much as you can and that way when you

00:02:46are ready to start your own business you

00:02:47have experience you know if you like it

00:02:49or not you know you’re really good at

00:02:51and you’re kind of hitting the ground

00:02:52running so I hope that helps Diana if

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00:02:56a thumbs up below and I’d also love to

00:02:58hear thoughts and feedback if you want

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00:03:00and stay tuned for next episode