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Monsters University – Official Trailer #2 (2013) [HD]

00:00:16monsters University anybody getting off

00:00:20the mom officially a college student

00:00:27I’ve been waiting for this my whole life

00:00:29I’m gonna be a scarer okay everyone I’ll

00:00:33be giving you your orientation on this

00:00:34perfect day hey come join The Improv

00:00:37Club oh man I can’t be late on the first

00:00:41day without ski room 319 you know your

00:00:51roommate is a scaring major to our day

00:00:54to everyone wow that was awesome James P

00:01:01Sullivan Mike Wazowski well now that

00:01:03we’ve been introduced ah you don’t think

00:01:07I’m scary you’re not even in the same

00:01:09league with me your hands are as big as

00:01:11my face is crazy Rhonda I’m sorry I’m

00:01:14gonna scare circles around you this year

00:01:18you gotta be kidding me aah Oh scary

00:01:23yeah I guess I’ll just be here listening

00:01:26to my tunes

00:01:33he has received all the spiders correct

00:01:36I am gonna wipe the floor that little

00:01:39know-it-all scaring us is the true

00:01:44measure of a monster

00:01:47don’t go in there it’s dangerous Oh what

00:01:52are you doing up there I can’t go back

00:01:55to jail go meet Belle okay go anyone

00:02:01want gum just draw

00:02:07he’s like a mountain with fur I don’t

00:02:10even work out yeah me neither I don’t

00:02:12want to get too big