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Prepositions in English – “Think OF” / “Think ABOUT”

00:00:00so we have another question from a

00:00:01student this one is asking what’s the

00:00:07difference between think of and think

00:00:09about so this is a difference between

00:00:11the prepositions and their meaning think

00:00:13of is when we imagine a situation like

00:00:15I’m thinking of the time I went to Italy

00:00:18or I’m thinking of a number between 1

00:00:20and 10

00:00:20poof 7

00:00:29think about is related to consideration

00:00:31and making decisions like I’m thinking

00:00:34about whether to have the chocolate ice

00:00:36cream or the strawberry ice cream well

00:00:37doesn’t that just depend on the context

00:00:40and intonation like I’m thinking about

00:00:42flowers I’m thinking all flowers it’s

00:00:44the same thing I mean yeah I suppose so

00:00:47I’m right then yeah no no we’re both

00:00:49right and generally yeah it depends on

00:00:53the context and intonation they can

00:00:55sound the same but if you want to look

00:00:57closely at the prepositions that’s the

00:01:00difference yeah but that’s just stupid

00:01:02your language is stupid

00:01:04you’re stupid your mum’s stupid what