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Konami – Metal Gear Solid

00:00:03now the guys at Silicon Knights were

00:00:05kind enough to actually remake the

00:00:07original Metal Gear Solid game that was

00:00:09released back on the PlayStation metal

00:00:11gear solid the twin snakes was released

00:00:13the Gamecube couple years ago and really

00:00:16just did a lot to reinvigorate the

00:00:17franchise now here is an example of a

00:00:20nice contrast between what the graphics

00:00:22look like before to this updated version

00:00:25as you see here snake is you know rear

00:00:27ender dollars glory and they sort of

00:00:30used a very similar graphics in turn

00:00:31from metal gear solid tube and we see

00:00:34not only do the graphics have a similar

00:00:35to that but a lot of the gameplay

00:00:38mechanics from Metal Gear Solid 2 were

00:00:40actually incorporated into this game

00:00:41like for example hotting p for people in

00:00:44lockers and end and that sort of thing

00:00:46now Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes is

00:00:48really a good sort of entry into the

00:00:51Metal Gear series if you have not played

00:00:53the original PlayStation versions the

00:00:55original PlayStation versions haven’t

00:00:57exactly held up to well over time

00:00:58graphically but in my opinion if you

00:01:01really want to get a sense of what makes

00:01:02metal gears such a big deal for so many

00:01:04people I would suggest playing the

00:01:06original Metal Gear on the PlayStation

00:01:08first and then playing this version of

00:01:10metal gear after completing Metal Gear

00:01:12Solid 2 so that way you can sort of go

00:01:14back and appreciate not only how good

00:01:17metal gear solid one was but it doesn’t

00:01:19spoil Metal Gear Solid 2 which is little

00:01:22less flashy by comparison to this one

00:01:23what they did in this game is actually

00:01:25record graft a lot of the cutscenes so

00:01:28they added a lot of action and hang

00:01:30little subtleties in the scenes that

00:01:32weren’t present in the original Metal

00:01:34Gear and one of the things that I must

00:01:36credit this game for doing is not only

00:01:39actually really brilliantly redoing

00:01:41those cinematic sequences but just

00:01:43having a really solid soundtrack and

00:01:45really just doing a great job of

00:01:46reminding us why we fell in love with

00:01:49here in the first place so for any of

00:01:51you who have a gamecube and have a

00:01:53chance i highly suggest picking up metal

00:01:56gear solid 2 twin snakes for your

00:01:57gamecube today