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Guide to Belly Dancing – Part 1 Introduction (feat. Mihaela Coman)

00:00:05hey welcome to my name is

00:00:09mahila coleman and i’m a professional

00:00:10belly dancer if you want to know where

00:00:13belly dance thing actually started it’s

00:00:16a little hard to find the information

00:00:17because nobody really knows but what we

00:00:20do know is that is that it’s been around

00:00:22for about six thousand years I was the

00:00:25Turks the Egyptians the Phoenicians

00:00:27started around that time and it was more

00:00:30use for actually sir oneís like first

00:00:32rituals and all kinds of things it was

00:00:34it was much more traditional than it is

00:00:36today in eighteen ninety three it was

00:00:39the first time that America got

00:00:41introduced to belly dancing at a

00:00:42convention in Chicago and ever since

00:00:45then you see it everywhere in restaurant

00:00:47wedding receptions events corporate

00:00:49parties people take classes it’s become

00:00:53like it’s popular everywhere