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Umbanda Religion | National Geographic

00:00:00in the Brazilian port of bay limbs

00:00:03bustling marketplace a woman is arming

00:00:06herself for a battle against dark forces

00:00:09in the same market another medium has

00:00:13more sinister intentions both are

00:00:18practitioners of a religion called in

00:00:20Banda here in northeastern Brazil when

00:00:23Banda mixes freely with Catholicism

00:00:25brought to the region by African slaves

00:00:28it’s a religion founded on spirits both

00:00:31good and evil since new lady was a

00:00:34teenager she has been possessed by

00:00:36spirits spirits that she says can lift

00:00:39curses and foretell the future her main

00:00:45spirit guide

00:00:46Maria kanga works only for good EVPs

00:00:50Jewish people come here all the time and

00:00:54ask me to kill someone I tell them and

00:00:58they have knocked on the wrong door

00:00:59mother autistic wasn’t me here we don’t

00:01:03have daily poquito receives clients in a

00:01:09small shop behind his house

00:01:12today poquito slient is a woman who

00:01:15claims she’s in an abusive marriage she

00:01:18requests a rather extreme solution we

00:01:21want you to do the work to kill my

00:01:23husband for poquito it’s not an

00:01:27unreasonable request he sees conjuring

00:01:30evil as a service to people spirit

00:01:35medium Maria zu lady also has a client

00:01:39Joana believes that an evil spirit has

00:01:42placed a curse on her she has numerous

00:01:44medical problems that doctors have been

00:01:46unable to cure to negotiate with the

00:01:51evil spirit haunting Johanna zu lady

00:01:54must find out which one is the culprit

00:01:56to do that she will enter the realm of

00:01:59spirits offering her own body as a

00:02:02vessel on this night zu lady is visited

00:02:09by many spirits but it is the one called

00:02:12by Yano grande who solves the riddle of

00:02:14Joanna’s curse new zu lady

00:02:18bayano orders Johanna and her son

00:02:21Claudio to go outside with him he admits

00:02:25he is to blame for the curse you had to

00:02:30ask for mercy if you don’t I will never

00:02:33remove this curse from you


00:02:37what have I done to my ex-girlfriend to

00:02:40deserve this you have done nothing but

00:02:43your mother has because she fought with

00:02:45her she quarreled with bayano listens to

00:02:52their pleas and decides to grant their

00:02:54wish he lifts the curse it has been a

00:03:01long and successful evening or so they


00:03:07two weeks have passed since Paquito put

00:03:09a deadly curse on the husband of his

00:03:11client he claims the curse has done its

00:03:14job what happened to miss Ramirez

00:03:16husband he died no no I will not show

00:03:25you his grave

00:03:27meanwhile zoo lady had planned to

00:03:30cleanse Joanna’s house of any residual

00:03:32evil but she never gets the chance

00:03:36joanna has died gossip is spreading that

00:03:42Joanna died because zoo lady failed to

00:03:44get rid of the curse though badly shaken

00:03:47by the death zoo lady has resolved to

00:03:50carry on with her work in the Yoon Banda

00:03:54religion evil is both a force to fight

00:03:56and a force to enlist on your behalf the

00:04:02spirits are at your service