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Firehouse Mascot | Dog Whisperer

00:00:09firemen have not yet prepared wiltjer

00:00:13for this so he doesn’t know where he’s

00:00:15going he just going

00:00:19he ran in front of the fire truck oh my

00:00:22god they were panicking and that only

00:00:25makes Wilshire more powerful and less

00:00:28understanding about why we don’t want

00:00:30them to run through that door thank you

00:00:33that’s our biggest e this is our biggest


00:00:37no that’s why we shut we shut the


00:00:45that’s a big blind spot I mean we can’t

00:00:48see cars at park in front of us I mean

00:00:51this poor guy back here driving in the


00:01:00dogs don’t see the danger what they see

00:01:03is a reaction to the situation

00:01:06and we react in panic nervous fearful

00:01:09and all these things they go to us to

00:01:12save their life

00:01:12we actually setting them up to get hurt

00:01:18so the exercise at the garage door is a

00:01:21very important exercise because it’s

00:01:23life in that situation here

00:01:25you know I practice energy by the

00:01:29language to let him know that that’s my

00:01:31area wilshire needed to understand that

00:01:33every area here is belong to you

00:01:36there you go this is how they respect

00:01:38because the area’s bolon to pack leader

00:01:40and in tow he’s invited to go over there

00:01:43he’s now welcome there we go that’s what


00:01:53it was amazing where he stopped right at

00:01:55the door

00:01:56he was able to control him in minimal

00:01:58amount of time whereas we would have

00:02:00been chasing them down Wilshire down

00:02:03Wilshire which we have yeah a few double

00:02:06caddy he almost knows there’s an

00:02:08invisible line there didn’t it yeah very


00:02:10that’s right may you back that’s right

00:02:12and you don’t have to give a fection all

00:02:14the time

00:02:16that’s right very good that’s right okay

00:02:21so you right there go for it protest

00:02:30these protesting

00:02:37protests why because we’re taking his

00:02:39Flay’s away it’s like a kid right a

00:02:44little time pretender right there yeah

00:02:46it’s on the board he was a dancer

00:02:49especially because he came with a

00:02:51different energy to accomplish the


00:02:55puppies normally don’t resist leadership

00:02:58puppies always receive leadership from

00:03:01the day they’re born we are the species

00:03:03they don’t practice leadership over our

00:03:05dogs and a daily basis and this is what

00:03:08our dogs become frustrated and dominance

00:03:11hyper what we have here is a frustrated


00:03:16that’s right our that’s right