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The Rock No excuses gym motivation Compilation

00:00:00they say that nothing good happens in

00:00:02the 4 a.m. hour well I can guarantee you

00:00:05this it’s 4:45 a.m. it’s still dark

00:00:07outside look at that lights just went

00:00:09out and I’m getting ready to kill this

00:00:10am car do you can’t even see me but it’s

00:00:12gonna be so good it’s bad

00:00:16we live down here in South Florida it’s

00:00:19hurricane season but when it’s time to

00:00:21go to the gym we got to get to the gym

00:00:24and there ain’t no stopping us

00:00:26then again what would Hugh Jackman do

00:00:31our empty gym the way we’d like it it’s

00:00:35Sunday just finish my warmup it is

00:00:38family day it’s the Lord’s Day it is

00:00:39also like that so this painting on

00:00:43respondents machine after Sunday

00:00:46all right Saturday afternoon empty Jim

00:00:48the way we like it

00:00:49tripping over here it’s late day which

00:00:52means it’s going to be sweaty painful

00:00:55and fun

00:01:11don’t get it come on


00:01:17but war left

00:01:22one more come on oh good focus

00:01:38all right workout number two I’m out

00:01:40working all my competition all right

00:01:42after gym the way we like it getting

00:01:46ready to get after me

00:01:48my favorite training partner

00:01:51bring it home motherfucker let’s bring

00:01:57it out all right workout number two on a

00:01:59Saturday it’s what Saturday’s are for

00:02:01there’s one man out there who might be

00:02:03working just as hard his name is Kevin

00:02:05Hart Kevin I see you big Bobby are

00:02:08talking to the golden jet keep stacking

00:02:10your belt there before coming for you

00:02:11I’m so thankful that on this day I can

00:02:14call all my friends say join me for a

00:02:16very special Thanksgiving Day workout

00:02:18just take it I’ve got it boys

00:02:23by myself

00:02:26all right Saturday leg day squatty I

00:02:29know my girl Ronda Rousey would come get

00:02:31after this she’s a phone call away

00:02:33Kevin Hart will come

00:02:35my gym has been like a ghost town for

00:02:37days this is stale horseshit does anyone

00:02:40else want to come and train anyone just

00:02:43worked a 12-hour day 1213 hour day but

00:02:45who’s counting

00:02:46empty gym the iron paradise this is my

00:02:48therapy I encourage everybody out there

00:02:51to find your therapy plus this shit is

00:02:54cheaper than a shrink