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The Most incredible Speech of all time – Steve Jobs Motivational Speech


00:00:04if I had never dropped out I would have

00:00:07never dropped in on that calligraphy

00:00:09class and personal computers might not

00:00:11have the wonderful typography that they

00:00:13do of course it was impossible to

00:00:15connect the dots looking forward when I

00:00:17was in college but it was very very

00:00:19clear looking backwards ten years later

00:00:22again you can’t connect the dots looking

00:00:25forward you can only connect them

00:00:26looking backwards so you have to trust

00:00:34that the dots will somehow connect in

00:00:36your future you have to trust in

00:00:38something your gut destiny life karma

00:00:40whatever because believing that the dots

00:00:43will connect down the road will give you

00:00:46the confidence to follow your heart even

00:00:48when it leads you off the well-worn path

00:00:50and that will make all the difference


00:01:02my second story is about love and loss I

00:01:07was lucky I found what I loved to do

00:01:10early in life when I was 20 the

00:01:14heaviness of being successful was

00:01:16replaced by the lightness of being a

00:01:18beginner again less sure about

00:01:20everything I’m convinced that the only

00:01:22thing that kept me going was that I

00:01:24loved what I did you’ve got to find what

00:01:27you love and that is as true for work as

00:01:29it is for your lovers your work is going

00:01:32to fill a large part of your life and

00:01:34the only way to be truly satisfied is to

00:01:36do what you believe is great work and

00:01:38the only way to do great work is to love

00:01:40what you do if you haven’t found it yet

00:01:43keep looking and don’t settle as with

00:01:47all matters of the heart you’ll know

00:01:49when you find it and like any great

00:01:51relationship it just gets better and

00:01:53better as the years roll on so keep

00:01:56looking don’t settle

00:02:02my third story is about death when I was

00:02:0717 I read a quote that went something

00:02:09like if you live each day as if it was

00:02:12your last someday you’ll most certainly

00:02:14be right it made an impression on me and

00:02:17since then for the past 33 years I’ve

00:02:21looked in the mirror every morning and

00:02:22asked myself if today were the last day

00:02:25of my life

00:02:26what I want to do what I am about to do

00:02:28today and whenever the answer has been

00:02:30no for too many days in a row I know I

00:02:33need to change them remembering that

00:02:36I’ll be dead soon is the most important

00:02:39tool I’ve ever encountered to help me

00:02:40make the big choices in life because

00:02:43almost everything all external

00:02:45expectations all pride all fear of

00:02:48embarrassment of failure

00:02:50these things just fall away in the face

00:02:52of death leaving only what is truly

00:02:54important remembering that you are going

00:02:57to die is the best way I know to avoid

00:03:00the trap of thinking you have something

00:03:02to lose you are already naked there is

00:03:05no reason not to follow your heart

00:03:08no one wants to die even people who want

00:03:12to go to heaven don’t want to die to get

00:03:14there and yet death is the destination

00:03:18we all share no one has ever escaped it

00:03:21and that is as it should be because

00:03:23death is very likely the single best

00:03:26invention of life its life’s change

00:03:29agent it clears out the old to make way

00:03:31for the new right now the new is you but

00:03:36some day not too long from now you will

00:03:38purely become the old and be cleared

00:03:40away sorry to be so dramatic

00:03:43but it’s quite true your time is limited

00:03:46so don’t waste it living someone else’s

00:03:49life don’t be trapped by Dogma which is

00:03:53living with the results of other

00:03:54people’s thinking don’t let the noise of

00:03:57others opinions drown out your own inner

00:03:59voice and most important have the

00:04:02courage to follow your heart and

00:04:03intuition they somehow already know

00:04:06what you truly want to become everything

00:04:09else is secondary

00:04:11were the words stay hungry stay foolish

00:04:15it was their farewell message as they

00:04:18signed off stay hungry stay foolish and

00:04:22I have always wished that for myself and

00:04:25now as you graduate to begin anew I wish

00:04:30that for you stay hungry stay foolish

00:04:33thank you all very much