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INSPIRING Motivational Speech – Ellen DeGeneres

00:00:03the way I ended up on this path was from

00:00:06a very tragic event I was uh

00:00:09I may be 19 and my girlfriend at the

00:00:12time was killed in a car accident and I

00:00:15passed the accident and I didn’t know it

00:00:17was her and I kept going and I found out

00:00:20shortly after that I was hurt and I was

00:00:25living in a basement apartment I had no

00:00:28money I had no heat nowhere I had a

00:00:31mattress on the floor and the apartment

00:00:34was infested with fleas and I was soul

00:00:36searching I was like why is she suddenly

00:00:38gone and there are fleas here I don’t

00:00:41understand there must be a purpose and

00:00:43wouldn’t it be so convenient if we could

00:00:44just pick up the phone and call God and

00:00:46ask these questions and I started

00:00:49writing and what poured out of me was an

00:00:51imaginary conversation with God which

00:00:54was one-sided and I finished writing it

00:00:56and I looked at it and I said to myself

00:00:59and I hadn’t even been doing stand-up

00:01:02ever there was no Club in town I said

00:01:04I’m gonna do this on The Tonight Show

00:01:05with Johnny Carson at the time he was

00:01:07the king and I’m gonna be the first

00:01:09woman in the history of the show to be

00:01:11called over to sit down and several

00:01:14years later I was the first woman in the

00:01:15history of the show and only woman has

00:01:17really showed to sit down because of

00:01:20that phone conversation with God that I


00:01:22I started this path of stand-up and it

00:01:27was successful and it was great but it

00:01:30was hard because I was trying to please

00:01:33everybody and I had this secret that I

00:01:35was keeping that I was gay and I thought

00:01:36if people found out they wouldn’t like

00:01:38me they wouldn’t laugh at me

00:01:39then my career turned into I got my own

00:01:42sitcom and that was very successful

00:01:45another level of success and I thought

00:01:47what if they find out I’m gay then

00:01:48they’ll never watch and I finally

00:01:52decided that I was living with so much

00:01:54shame and so much fear that I just

00:01:58couldn’t live that way anymore and I

00:01:59decided to come out and make it creative

00:02:01and my character would come out at the

00:02:02same time and it wasn’t to make a

00:02:04political statement it wasn’t to do

00:02:05anything other than to free myself up

00:02:07from this heaviness that I was carrying

00:02:08around I just wanted to be honest and I

00:02:11thought what’s the worst that can happen

00:02:12I can lose my career I did I lost my

00:02:16career I got the show was cancelled

00:02:19after six years without even telling me

00:02:21I read in the paper

00:02:24the phone didn’t ring for three years I

00:02:26had no offers nobody wanted to touch me

00:02:30at all and yet I was getting letters

00:02:34from kids that almost committed suicide

00:02:37but didn’t because of what I did and I

00:02:39realized that I had a purpose and it

00:02:42wasn’t just about me and it wasn’t about

00:02:43celebrity but I felt like I was being

00:02:45punished and it was a bad time I was

00:02:48angry I was sad and then I was offered a

00:02:50talk show and the people that offered me

00:02:53the talk show tried to sell it and most

00:02:56stations didn’t want to pick it up most

00:02:58people didn’t want to buy it because

00:02:58they thought nobody would watch me and

00:03:02really when I look back on it I wouldn’t

00:03:04change a thing I mean it was so

00:03:06importantly for me to lose everything

00:03:08because I found out what what the most

00:03:11important thing is is to be true to

00:03:12yourself and ultimately that’s that’s

00:03:16what’s gotten me to this place I don’t

00:03:17live in fear I’m free I have no secrets

00:03:20and I know I’ll always be okay because

00:03:22no matter what I Know Who I am so in

00:03:25conclusion when I was younger I thought

00:03:28success was something different I

00:03:30thought when I grow up I want to be

00:03:32famous but my idea success is different

00:03:38today and as you grow you’ll realize

00:03:39definition of success changes for me the

00:03:41most important thing in your life is to

00:03:43live your life with integrity and not to

00:03:46give in to peer pressure to try to be

00:03:47something that you’re not to live your

00:03:49life as an honest and compassionate

00:03:51person to contribute in some way

00:03:53follow your passion stay true to

00:03:55yourself never follow someone else’s

00:03:57path unless you’re in the woods and your

00:03:58loss and you see a path and by all means

00:04:00you should follow that