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An incredible Motivational speech by Jim Carrey

00:00:02it’s our intention our intention is

00:00:05everything nothing happens on this

00:00:08planet without it not one single thing

00:00:11has ever been accomplished without

00:00:12intention so I started thinking about my

00:00:16life and I started thinking about this

00:00:18conference and what we’re about and and

00:00:20I looked back and I thought well I was

00:00:23two people my whole life I was in the

00:00:26living room entertaining people being a

00:00:28monkey you know doing my thing for the

00:00:30company and and trying to relieve my

00:00:34mother who was suffering she had

00:00:36rheumatoid arthritis and Vitus and

00:00:39everything everything under the Sun that

00:00:41was nagging at her and she was depressed

00:00:44and I wanted her to be free and I wanted

00:00:49her to realize that her life was worth

00:00:54something because she gave birth to

00:00:55someone who was worth something

00:01:00and then I would go into my room and I

00:01:04would sit with a legal pad I was a

00:01:10little kid I would sit there but I would

00:01:13try to figure out what it meant what it

00:01:16was all about why are we here what is


00:01:24and one day I read something from Buddha

00:01:28that said that all spirituality is about

00:01:33relieving suffering and I suddenly

00:01:37realized that’s what I’m doing in the

00:01:39other room and I’m aligned you know this

00:01:47my purpose is aligned with this so I

00:01:51felt incredibly lucky I lose sight of

00:01:53that all the time

00:01:54I get caught up in different concerns

00:01:56and ego concerns but I’m so lucky to be

00:02:01a part of this community and to to do

00:02:05something that has a value

00:02:07and really cherish that and we are all

00:02:10one thing it really is true can I speak

00:02:13to the person in the last row are you

00:02:16aware that do you have the distinct

00:02:19palpable feeling that your intention

00:02:22created this evening as well as

00:02:24Melissa’s do you understand that that

00:02:28all of this this entire event is

00:02:32happening inside you I hope you can feel

00:02:35that and I hope you understand that you

00:02:37are one of the creators of this evening

00:02:40but your intentions and your desires

00:02:42created this evening as well