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I Was 18 Years Old When I Got Married…..

00:00:00I got married I belong to a very

00:00:03conservative family a Balochi family

00:00:05we’re good daughters never say no to

00:00:08their parents my father wanted me to get

00:00:11married all I said was if that makes you

00:00:14happy I’ll say yes and of course it was

00:00:17never a happy marriage just after two

00:00:22years of getting married about nine

00:00:25years ago I met a car accident

00:00:31somehow my husband fell asleep and the

00:00:35car fell in the ditch he managed to jump

00:00:40out saved himself I’m happy for him but

00:00:44I stayed inside the car and I sustained

00:00:48a lot of injuries list is a bit long

00:00:50Vegas I love my right arm were fractured

00:00:53the wrist was pictured shoulder bone and

00:00:55collarbone were fractured my whole

00:00:57ribcage got fractured but that mystery

00:01:00that changed me and my life completely

00:01:02was the spine injury many people came to

00:01:05rescue they gave me CPR they dragged me

00:01:08out of the car and while they were

00:01:10dragging me out I got the complete

00:01:13transection of my spinal cord it was two

00:01:15and a half months in the hospital were

00:01:17dreadful I was at the words of despair

00:01:21one day doctor came to me and he said

00:01:23well I heard that you wanted to be an

00:01:25artist but you ended up being a

00:01:27housewife I have a bad news for you you

00:01:30won’t be able to paint again next day

00:01:33doctor came to me and said your spine

00:01:36injury is so bad you won’t be able to

00:01:39walk again

00:01:39I took a deep breath and it’s alright

00:01:42next day doctor came to me and said

00:01:45because of your spine injury and the

00:01:47fixation that you have in your back you

00:01:49won’t be able to give birth to a child


00:01:51that day I was devastated I started to

00:01:55question my existence why am I even

00:01:57alive so what kept me going was one day

00:02:02I asked my brother’s I know I have a

00:02:04different hand but I’m tired of looking

00:02:06at these white walls in the hospital and

00:02:09wearing these white scrubs

00:02:10bring me some colors bring me some small

00:02:13canvas I want to paint so the very first

00:02:16painting I made was on my deathbed where

00:02:21I painted for the very first time

00:02:22what an amazing therapy it was without I

00:02:25print a single word I could paint my

00:02:27heart out I could share my story people

00:02:31used to come and say what lovely

00:02:33painting so much color nobody could see

00:02:36the grief in it only I could and that

00:02:39day I decided that I’m going to live

00:02:42life for myself I am NOT going to be

00:02:46that perfect person for someone I am

00:02:49just going to take this

00:02:50make it perfect for myself but I’m going

00:02:53to fight my fears so I wrote down one by

00:02:56one all those fears and I decided that

00:02:59I’m going to overcome these fears one at

00:03:01a time you know what was my biggest fear

00:03:03divorce but the day I decided that this

00:03:07is nothing but my fear I liberated

00:03:10myself by setting him free and I made

00:03:13myself emotionally so strong that the

00:03:16day I got the news that he is getting

00:03:17married I sent him a text and I’m so

00:03:21happy for you and I wish you all the

00:03:22best and he knows that I pray for him


00:03:26number two was I won’t be able to be a

00:03:30mother again and that was quite

00:03:33devastating for me but then I realized

00:03:36there are so many children in the world

00:03:38all they want is acceptance so there is

00:03:41no point of crying just go and adopt one

00:03:44and that’s what I did

00:03:51I gave my name in different

00:03:53organizations different whorfin angels

00:03:55and I waited patiently two years later I

00:03:59got this call from a very small city in

00:04:00Pakistan I got a call and they said our

00:04:02human even Missouri there is a baby boy

00:04:05and would you like to adopt I could

00:04:07literally feel the labor pains yes I am

00:04:12coming and that day I was 2 years old

00:04:18two days old and today he’s six you know

00:04:23when you end up being on the wheelchair

00:04:24what’s the most painful thing people

00:04:28think that there will not be accepted by

00:04:30the people because we in the world of

00:04:32perfect people are imperfect so I

00:04:34decided to appear more in public I

00:04:37started to paint I’ve done a lot of

00:04:40modeling campaigns I decided that I’m

00:04:42going to join the national TV of

00:04:44Pakistan as an anchorperson

00:04:45I became the National goodwill

00:04:47ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and now

00:04:49I speak for the rights of women children

00:04:51I was featured in BBC hundred women for

00:04:542015 30 and a 30 for 2016 so when you

00:05:02accept yourself the way you are the

00:05:04world recognizes you

00:05:06it all starts from within we have this

00:05:10amazing fantasy about life this is how

00:05:14things should work this is my plan it

00:05:16should go as per my plan if that doesn’t

00:05:20happen I never wanted to be on the


00:05:25never thought of a mortgage this life is

00:05:30a test and a trial and tests are never

00:05:32supposed to be easy so when you’re

00:05:34expecting is from life and life gives

00:05:37you lemons then you make the lemonade

00:05:38and then do not blame life for that it

00:05:41is okay to be scared

00:05:43it is okay to cry everything is okay but

00:05:48giving up should not be an option they

00:05:51always say that failure is not an option

00:05:54failure should be an option because when

00:05:56you fail you get up and then you fail

00:05:59and then you get up and that keeps you


00:06:02embrace each and every breath that you

00:06:04are taking celebrate your life live it

00:06:07don’t die before your death real

00:06:10happiness lies gratitude so be grateful

00:06:14be alive and live every moment