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Vintage Table Lighter: Colibri, Bently, Kreisler

00:00:00here’s a few vintage lighters they are

00:00:03butane fueled but with a flint igniter

00:00:07here is the first one one of my

00:00:10favorites really really reliable Calibri

00:00:13brand one of my favorites

00:00:15Colibri at the top and this whole thing

00:00:18is a huge fuel tank you just press down

00:00:21this button here and you get your flame

00:00:24now this adjuster nozzle is very very

00:00:27touchy and see how high it goes and then

00:00:31bring it all the way back down so very

00:00:34reliable one of my favorites especially

00:00:38since this thing never runs out of fuel

00:00:40because it’s literally like an entire

00:00:41tank next is the Bentley lighter made in

00:00:48Austria Austria is really good at making

00:00:51lighters I don’t understand why but

00:00:55Bentley is the brand this one is in

00:00:58really good shape patented USA cool

00:01:04thing about this lighter is just the

00:01:06internals it’s unlike anything you’ve

00:01:08probably seen a lighter you got this

00:01:11really weird shaped fuel tank this is

00:01:15the adjustment nozzle for how high the

00:01:17flame goes and then you have this which

00:01:21is the whole assembly putting another

00:01:26Flint in is so weird – you go like this

00:01:28and then the Flint is underneath that

00:01:32little lever that’s moving in the

00:01:34cylinder here so you lift that up put a

00:01:37new flint in and let it come back down

00:01:39and then that’s how you get your

00:01:40attention for your igniter very

00:01:44different so that goes like this and

00:01:50then just goes right back into lighter

00:01:56there you go

00:01:58very cool really good shape last this is

00:02:07not working unfortunately but I just

00:02:10love the history of this this thing has

00:02:12just been sitting in some dudes drawer

00:02:14for I don’t know how long when you

00:02:16decided to sell it

00:02:17Chrysler lighter regular butane $10.95 I

00:02:22was back then I don’t know if it’s if

00:02:25I’m being fooled into thinking that this

00:02:27is as recent or as old I’m not sure but

00:02:33got this here very nice doesn’t work

00:02:37like I said the there’s nowhere for the

00:02:41fuel to come out unfortunately this

00:02:43little barb here had been smashed too

00:02:46many times from coming back down that it

00:02:49you know being heated and then smashed

00:02:52kind of pinched that little the tube or

00:02:56the butane came out but it still has a

00:02:58lot of history to it you can see the

00:03:00Chrysler butane made in USA patent

00:03:05pending and then if you go a little

00:03:08deeper here’s the box here’s the

00:03:11directions Chrysler butane world’s most

00:03:15magnificent oh yeah great and this thing

00:03:18is just so old like everything here’s

00:03:22your guarantee it’s like see backside

00:03:25form before returning your lighter for

00:03:28service like this is so awesome to me I

00:03:31don’t know why I’ll show you the inside

00:03:35because that’s pretty interesting to

00:03:36like just get it

00:03:49and sick almost got it there that was

00:03:54like a vacuum here you have just some

00:03:59weird shit this is your it’s literally

00:04:07just a snap

00:04:08there’s no screw and you pull it up

00:04:11that’s your spring and that’s where your

00:04:14Flint goes and then you literally just

00:04:16snap it in place

00:04:19here’s your adjustment for your butane

00:04:22and this I think is like a ball bearing

00:04:27and that’s it serves as your seal with

00:04:30little o-ring and that’s how you refuel

00:04:31it and then you just I wish it still

00:04:37worked but fortunately I don’t think

00:04:39there’s much I can do about it maybe

00:04:41this service guarantee still works send

00:04:45it back in 30 years later so really cool

00:04:49featuring the exclusive four times

00:04:52longer Flint this shit reminds me of

00:04:56Bioshock and like how everything was you

00:04:58know very retro that’s what I sort of

00:05:01it’s kind of why I like stuff like this

00:05:04just the way everything sort of

00:05:06steampunk made EV you know what they had

00:05:10and just that the antique style of

00:05:13advertisement so one of my favorite

00:05:17things about this lighter even though it

00:05:19doesn’t work that’s pretty much it so

00:05:24let me know what you guys think if you

00:05:27could give me any information on like

00:05:30the time frame when these were made

00:05:32that’d be cool so I hope you guys

00:05:35enjoyed thanks for watching