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Star Wars “Light Saber” Mini Triple Jet Lighter by ECIN

00:00:00here’s a triple jet cigar lighter it’s

00:00:03by the company e CIN comes in this tin


00:00:07pretty cool got this tacky spring I’m

00:00:12not a big fan of it but gives it sort of

00:00:15gives it some character and on the top

00:00:20there you got your three jets pretty


00:00:27turn off this clamp real quick and you

00:00:30can see a better look that’s what the

00:00:32flame really looks like extends on this

00:00:35double of what it looks and works really

00:00:40well it’s sort of a cheap build for

00:00:45example you can see the metal here is

00:00:46sort of like that painted chrome it’s

00:00:50not really the best quality but I think

00:00:53this was like $7 so pretty good deal so

00:00:57pick one up if you want you can find

00:00:59them on eBay and whatever pretty cool

00:01:04pyromaniacs dream alright so thanks for

00:01:09checking out my video man let me know

00:01:12what you guys think about it thanks for