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iPhone N64, NES, Gameboy Emulator on TV

00:00:11I will show you how to make a handheld

00:00:41ROM emulator using an iPhone or iPod

00:00:44Touch and a Wii mode

00:00:49for this project you will need a

00:00:51jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch a Wii

00:00:54mote a cheap game controller the

00:00:57jailbroken out NES for iPhone and a

00:01:00protective shell for device optional is

00:01:02TV out tuner app from Cydia and an AV TV


00:01:09all you must do is connect your

00:01:11protective shell to your game controller

00:01:13grip using some hot glue then take

00:01:16whatever device you have and just put it

00:01:19into the shell

00:01:22in order to play your wrongs on your TV

00:01:24your iPod Touch or iPhone must be

00:01:27jailbroken using the Cydia app download

00:01:31TV out tuna after it’s been downloaded

00:01:35launch the application and click locked

00:01:39whenever it’s in this position exit out

00:01:44of the app choose NES for iPhone go into

00:01:50options click Wii mote controls on exit

00:01:56out relaunch the application now it’s

00:02:02asking for a device what you have to do

00:02:05is press the one in the two and it will

00:02:09connect your iPhone or iPod Touch and

00:02:12it’ll recognize it as Nintendo using

00:02:19whatever device you have choose your


00:02:28shoes landscape and sound for best

00:02:30quality and then you can just play the

00:03:05reasoning behind this project is that

00:03:08normally when you play your roms on your

00:03:10iPod Touch or iPhone you would have to

00:03:12use the bottom two corners as your

00:03:15control the problem with this is that

00:03:18you can’t see what you’re doing when

00:03:19you’re playing all I’ve done is

00:03:22connected the Wiimote and the iPod Touch

00:03:25or iPhone together creating a handheld

00:03:29system of its own