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How to Make: Spray Can Prank

00:00:12here’s a quick easy prank that you can

00:00:15use to fool your friends you will need

00:00:17any aerosol a dremel or hacksaw hot glue

00:00:21gun and glue sticks and silly-string

00:00:23spray cheese or any kind of aerosol that

00:00:26you want to shoot your friends with

00:00:34first done you didn’t make sure that

00:00:36your aerosol can is completely empty and

00:00:38there’s no pressurized air inside then

00:00:42you’ll take your can and you’ll cut

00:00:44along this edge and remove this cap and

00:00:47you’ll do the same to the bottom then

00:00:50you’ll be left with basically just a

00:00:52cylinder next you’ll take your spray

00:00:57that’s going to go inside and you’re

00:01:00gonna put some hot glue on the top here

00:01:02and then kind of stick it up so that

00:01:05it’ll pop out just like this then you

00:01:11just put the cap back on and then you

00:01:14glue around and replace this bottom part

00:01:18on and then you’ll have something like

00:01:20this as you can see this is glued back

00:01:25on and this has been glued back on as

00:01:31well so basically your friends gonna go

00:01:34to shave or whatever and you can shoot

00:01:42themself in the face and you can do this

00:01:46with maybe instead of using shaving

00:01:50cream you can make a spray cheese can

00:01:53and then house silly-string come out or

00:01:56you could have this same aerosol can

00:02:01with shaving cream but put spray cheese

00:02:04in it so there’s a lot of different ways

00:02:07you can fool your friends and just mess

00:02:09with them