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OSHO: ZEN and the Art of Escaping the Circle of Life & Death


00:00:02OSHO International Foundation presents

00:00:04Zen and the Art of the cycle of life and death

00:00:08Zen is very


00:00:16Buddha did not help either,

00:00:19Buddhist scriptures did not help.

00:00:24The only help is

00:00:26Deeper yourself,

00:00:30See the inner sky

00:00:34And freedom attendant

00:00:37And the other side of the fragrance.

00:00:43Master said, Is

00:00:46“What ordained purpose?”

00:00:49What are you going to do

00:00:51When will you be learning has become?

00:00:54When you accept all the teachings of Buddha,

00:00:57what are you going to do? What is the purpose?

00:01:01Gao replied: “a life and death.”

00:01:08He must have heard,

00:01:11These Buddhists

00:01:14All want the cycle of life and death.


00:01:27Most people live in such a way

00:01:35So more and more of misery.

00:01:44The overall plan is for the human suffering,

00:01:53So people began to think and how to escape

00:01:57The cycle of life and death.

00:02:00This is not true


00:02:05You have to learn and how to escape

00:02:08Social programs have been designed to give you.

00:02:13Once you are off the programming,

00:02:16You’re out of life and death

00:02:19And so-called reincarnation.

00:02:24But feel miserable, he might want to say,

00:02:27“It is best out of life and death.”

00:02:33This is the day that tragic at Calvary Hill.

00:02:40Jesus was hanging on his wooden cross,

00:02:46Twenty feet high off the ground,

00:02:50Utterly exhausted.

00:02:53On his left, hanging on another cross,

00:02:57A thief Barnaby,

00:03:03Cousins ​​famous murderers and rapists of Barabbas.

00:03:10On the right side of Jesus,

00:03:13Hanging in the air, is

00:03:15Fritz the Hun,

00:03:20Notorious Attila’s great-grandfather.

00:03:25With direct sunlight,

00:03:28Or see clouds of God,

00:03:32Jesus becomes more and more unconscious.

00:03:37Suddenly, Jesus on the cross convulsions,

00:03:41And muttered to Barnaby:

00:03:44“my son,

00:03:46my son,

00:03:48Leaned over a little. “

00:03:51Barnaby looked up

00:03:54Jesus looked at

00:03:56Shake around a bit

00:03:58But found himself stuck.

00:04:03Jesus looked weak

00:04:07Watching Fritz.

00:04:09“My son, my son.”

00:04:12He gasped,

00:04:14“Leaned over a little.”

00:04:17Fritz is totally preoccupied,

00:04:20And did not move.

00:04:24“My sons! My sons!”

00:04:28Jesus cried out in dismay:

00:04:31“Leaned over a little,

00:04:33Leaned over a little! “

00:04:35But everything is still in Calvary Hill ..

00:04:40“Well! Then,” Jesus sighed

00:04:43“It is your own fault,

00:04:46If you do not want to appear in the photo! “

00:04:53Source: “Yakusan Jackson: pointing to Point Road,” the fourth volume, right © OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO is a registered trademark.

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