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EXPERIENCES from the OSHO International Meditation Resort

00:00:07Osho International Foundation offers

00:00:13Experiences from Osho Resort Universal hopes

00:00:28“The beauty of the site that told him first. Meditation was in the air itself.”

00:00:31– the life of luxurious, airline British Airways magazine.

00:00:39The Osho Resort Universal hopes

00:00:41It is unique in the world –

00:00:43An environment dedicated to an individual test for Math-

00:00:48One is that struck me

00:00:50More than anything else

00:00:51It is the beauty of the place.

00:00:54That was the first thing –

00:00:56Like all vegetables,

00:00:58Water around you,

00:01:01People walking in that robes chestnut.

00:01:05It was like the country’s imagination.

00:01:07From the moment you enter

00:01:08To the reception center,

00:01:10It’s like

00:01:12Technical condition …

00:01:13the design…

00:01:15Marble floor, shiny

00:01:18Falls …

00:01:19Pretty seats

00:01:21I walked through the gates and ..

00:01:23It was like an explosion.

00:01:25It was really amazing.

00:01:27Not imagine

00:01:29That in the past few years

00:01:30Km from ….

00:01:32Slowly … but how many …

00:01:33I have suppressed my joy

00:01:35And idiomatic …

00:01:37The moment I entered,

00:01:40Things go “Boom”

00:01:42And it was incredible.

00:01:47Meditation in the heart of the resort – Osho Hall –

00:01:51Used primarily for active reflections – Osho

00:01:53Musings designed for people

00:01:55Present in the world today

00:01:57Fast-paced world and the steps of the compressor –

00:02:22I used to be a decoy bidding all a timely

00:02:26You know there was a lot …

00:02:27A sense of nervous energy do not believe all the time.

00:02:30But now, I mean, after I did kundalini

00:02:32For some years, intermittently,

00:02:35I felt, clearly clarity,

00:02:38Quietly inside myself.

00:02:40People saw it too close –

00:02:43So that the truth was a long time ago

00:02:45Enabling them to see

00:02:47Even normal sensations such as anger or


00:02:51Beginnings somewhat expanded.

00:02:54Dynamic meditation …

00:02:56Initiated by perhaps five years ago

00:02:59In fact it was the experience of a change of life.

00:03:02I had no idea what I expect when I started.

00:03:05It did not then pause for eight months …

00:03:08And … I got high speed, I mean

00:03:11I just changed from this to that! it was

00:03:15Just as you upside down,

00:03:18The shaky completely and then prepared for my place

00:03:20And again …

00:03:22Much lighter, you know!

00:03:29Zorba, a Buddha –

00:03:30Together – a celebration Zorba the Greek

00:03:33The internal silence for a Gwatm Buddha –

00:03:40Star provides quality restaurants –

00:03:42Western, Asian and Indian vegetarian food –

00:03:53World-class facilities in meditations Nada-

00:03:56That was in order to play or for physical exercise

00:03:58And more focused attention –

00:04:16Believes in the house guests stay Post –

00:04:29The University of Osho pluralism is the largest

00:04:31Center in the world

00:04:33Self-discovery and transformation –

00:04:34Bridge to meditation –

00:04:38Global staff available

00:04:40To help design a unique program

00:04:42Each participant –

00:05:01I recently participated in a row

00:05:04Called “openness to the feeling of breathing”

00:05:08And it was a very powerful experience

00:05:13To live so that


00:05:18Can help you to connect to some of the stuff,

00:05:21Some energy

00:05:22Containing inside you –

00:05:24When those related to energy

00:05:26And it allows them to express themselves

00:05:29And it’s clean energy, and therefore you can use it with, for any purpose

00:05:32Be creative, or be very active

00:05:35Or just relax inside yourself.

00:05:38So it was a very nice experience

00:05:40To be in this row of three days

00:05:43I certainly

00:05:45I found something that

00:05:47I can use in my daily life.

00:05:49Well, it is another very strong

00:05:52Who came to intellectual now a

00:05:54“Openness to self-love.”

00:05:58Because it was a very clear call

00:06:01In this special group

00:06:03To look at adaptation.

00:06:06During these three days

00:06:08University grade

00:06:13All that I experienced in my childhood

00:06:16All that may Amtsst; this adjustment

00:06:19It became clear very.

00:06:21So with this row

00:06:24It became very clear

00:06:25What is also there to watch.

00:06:29Work as Toml-

00:06:31Support experience

00:06:32To recognize the relaxed and creative

00:06:34To return to normal life –

00:06:44I have really learned …

00:06:47I just realized sometimes –

00:06:49Wow ! I am doing this

00:06:50Just for fun.

00:06:52I am doing this because I really want to be here

00:06:54So just for me,

00:06:56And then put

00:06:58Even more energy at work

00:07:00Because you want to create

00:07:01Something beautiful.

00:07:03… and it’s not about getting

00:07:05Something in return,

00:07:07I just around me I am.

00:07:08Whenever put more, whenever I could

00:07:11Inflorescence of experience. So

00:07:13That was really nice educated

00:07:15And something that I hope that I can take him

00:07:18To normal function

00:07:20Maybe in the West

00:07:23I really hope that I can put this into practice

00:07:26In the outside world.

00:07:36And a multitude of night events

00:07:38In order to express each person and pleasure –

00:07:54How do I enjoy the place –

00:07:55I am, obviously,

00:07:58Musings separately

00:07:59Which is of course the main reason to stay in place

00:08:01But also people

00:08:04You are you exchange

00:08:07Or you

00:08:08Participation in the vicinity of where

00:08:11People from all the world were present –

00:08:14A hundred nationalities or whatever –

00:08:16And certainly learning about cultures.

00:08:19Everyone is very grainy because

00:08:21The place is about that


00:08:24There is no hidden motives,

00:08:26Everyone did try

00:08:27Whatever be Tkayvathm.

00:08:28In the resort, there are many activities

00:08:30Also people from all over the world.

00:08:33Knowing that there is a conflict of cultures,

00:08:36But somehow in this place

00:08:38It becomes uniform for all people

00:08:40Such as the global link

00:08:41Reach all people together.

00:08:48If you want to be nice to yourself

00:08:50And give yourself a treat

00:08:52And give yourself a chance

00:08:55To test yourself

00:08:59Particular object

00:09:01Then you have come here

00:09:03It is the right choice

00:09:05Because here everything is permitted.

00:09:07You are allowed you to be yourself,

00:09:09You are allowed to you

00:09:10Not to know who you are, but ..

00:09:12I go there and I know it.

00:09:15And it’s a chance to meet with people,

00:09:19To experience the many reflections techniques

00:09:21In the ballroom.

00:09:23To experience some of the university materials.

00:09:26For a nice swim in the pool,

00:09:28Sauna that you want to …

00:09:30Great food in ..

00:09:32Zorba the Buddha restaurant with …

00:09:34In Elmira ..

00:09:36And much more.

00:09:39If people came to a goal

00:09:41There is more to life than the target.

00:09:43There is a different way to work,

00:09:46There is a different way to live

00:09:48That’s more fun.

00:09:51To do it in a different way and I think,

00:09:53More and more people in the West

00:09:54Arriving at that point of non-sufficient

00:09:56This routine.

00:09:59Then this is the best place on Earth

00:10:01To discover a different way to do it.

00:10:04To have a real experience,

00:10:06With support

00:10:07And then to be able to take the experience with you.

00:10:10I think that’s reasonable and I think it

00:10:12A golden opportunity for all.

00:10:15Osho World Resort is located hopes in a residential neighborhood in a charming Korigon Park, Pune India.

00:10:20Travel fifteen minutes by plane from Mumbai and two hours and a half drive

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