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OSHO: Strange Consequences | Spiritually Incorrect ®

00:00:00Osho strange consequences

00:00:04Spiritually incorrect ™

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00:00:10Excerpts from a OSHOS THE CONVERSATION “Great Pilgrimage: From here at # 23”

00:00:13When Friedrich Nietzsche said “God is dead”, “fuck” became the most important word in the English language.

00:00:19The problem is that if God is dead …

00:00:25then lose the most important word in your language.

00:00:32and you’ll need one of its substitutes.

00:00:38While God was one end, each dimension

00:00:49and when one dimension disappears from your mental vision

00:00:58it is necessary and inevitable

00:01:02to enter into another dimension.

00:01:07And it already has happened Milarepa.

00:01:21Instead of God word “fuck” is made

00:01:30The most important word in our language.

00:01:40Even if Friedrich Nietzsche turn,

00:01:45will be surprised

00:01:47and will try to restore

00:01:54somehow be dead master.

00:01:58Because this is nonsense …

00:02:04But you’ll need a full report about it,

00:02:08A thorough study.

00:02:16One of the most interesting words

00:02:20in English today

00:02:22is the word “fuck”.

00:02:27It is the magic word

00:02:33just by its sound can describe

00:02:37sorrow, pleasure, hate and love.

00:02:44In the lecture it belongs to many grammatical categories.

00:02:51It can be used as a verb

00:02:55as transitory, Johnny Qiu Merin

00:03:06as intransitive, Mary was qi from John,

00:03:16as the name Mary is fucking good.

00:03:24It can be used as a predicate,

00:03:29Meri is beautiful qijshëm.

00:03:34As you can see there are not many

00:03:39shumëpërdorshmërinë words with the word “fuck”.

00:03:45Besides the sexual meaning

00:03:48there are these uses:

00:03:52Ignorance – qija my mother does not know.

00:04:03Hall – I qi nana.

00:04:11Fraud – ma Qine Nane store used cars.

00:04:20Aggression – Qiju Go!

00:04:27Disappointment – qire what’s going on here?

00:04:34Difficulties – can not understand this work qire!

00:04:45Disability – he is a qire.

00:04:54Doubt – whatever hair you are to do?

00:05:02Pleasure – Here I spent qijshëm.

00:05:10Request – qija my mother run away from here.

00:05:19Hostility – would cut off the head oi ‘ok’ fuck mother.

00:05:27Hello – from hair to you?

00:05:35Apathy – I have no nid since the hair?

00:05:43Innovation – take a hammer hairs my mother.

00:05:53Surprise – qija my mother, terrified me!

00:06:05Anxiety – qija my mother what day ..

00:06:12The issue also very healthy.

00:06:16If every morning and use

00:06:19as transcendental meditation.

00:06:24As soon as you wake up,

00:06:27The first thing, repeat the mantra:

00:06:30“Qija mothers” five times.

00:06:34It cleans the throat.


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