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OSHO: God Is Not a Solution – but a Problem

00:00:34I do not believe in

00:00:38That God is not present

00:00:48I know certainly

00:00:54He is not present.

00:01:00I thank God

00:01:04It is not present

00:01:12Because the presence of God

00:01:20It may create a lot of problems

00:01:27The difficulties

00:01:33So that life may be almost impossible.

00:01:44You probably were not having considered from this angle

00:01:52Of which I am where I will talk to you

00:02:00Maybe not one day

00:02:05He had tried days looking at it from this angle.

00:02:18Christians say that God created the world.

00:02:28In fact, the theory that God needed them

00:02:40In order of creation.

00:02:45The world is there

00:02:50It must be one that has been created.

00:03:01Ie it was created

00:03:08This Creator is God.

00:03:14But do you see the implications?

00:03:18If the world is a creature

00:03:21Then there can be a twist.

00:03:31Development means that creation continues.

00:03:42Think about the Christian story,

00:03:50God creating the world in six days

00:03:57And then rested on the seventh day,

00:04:05Since then he has been resting

00:04:13The whole creation was completed

00:04:24In six days.

00:04:31Now, where you can evolution

00:04:40That has the possibility?

00:04:46Creation means: finished!

00:04:50Full point has arrived. (End of the sentence)

00:04:53On the sixth day

00:04:58Full point, stop;

00:05:05And then, there is no possibility of evolution.

00:05:16Evolution means

00:05:20The creation is not perfect

00:05:26And thus the possibility of evolution.

00:05:32But God can not create a world that is incomplete;

00:05:42This will be the opposite nature of God.

00:05:50Is a full

00:05:53Whatever he does is full

00:06:02It is not evolving,

00:06:06The world does not evolve

00:06:08Everything is on the deadlock, dead.

00:06:19This is the reason why the popes

00:06:21They were against Charles Darwin’s theory

00:06:25Because that man was bringing the idea

00:06:29Which will kill God sooner or later.

00:06:38These popes were aware somehow

00:06:42Ihbut to see could they

00:06:47Distant effects of the idea of ​​evolution.

00:06:54You usually will not associate

00:07:01Creation and evolution.

00:07:04What is the relationship that are there

00:07:06God and Charles Darwin?

00:07:09There is a link. Says Charles Darwin

00:07:14The creation is a continuous process

00:07:18The presence is not always full

00:07:25It will never be complete.

00:07:29Only then can the existence continue to evolve

00:07:35Access to new peaks, new dimensions,

00:07:41Opening new doors, new possibilities.

00:07:49God has finished his work in six days

00:07:57Not long ago

00:08:01Four thousand and four years before Jesus Christ is born.

00:08:17It must have been the first of January (January),


00:08:28Because we reflect on God to fit inside everything

00:08:37Which we have created.

00:08:42God follow him Rznamtna

00:08:47If you ask me, I will tell

00:08:50Do not hand it has been

00:08:54Monday, the first of April, the day of fools,

00:09:02Because that day seems to be

00:09:06Appropriate pieces in order to do so act

00:09:15From creating a full presence of ready-made.

00:09:36If evolution becomes impossible,

00:09:45Lose all their meaning of life.

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