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OSHO: Sex and Death – Two Great Taboos


00:00:05Osho International Foundation offers

00:00:10Source: ‘God is dead, now is the Zen live the only truth’

00:00:14Osho: sex and death, two of the major taboo

00:00:17Any animal breeds of sex will die.

00:00:22It can not be immortal in the body.

00:00:27So we have these two are taboo in the world,

00:00:30Sex and death.

00:00:35both of them

00:00:38It has been kept hidden.

00:00:43No one is talking about sex.

00:00:48I’ve been around the whole world condemnation,

00:00:50Because I simply talked about all is forbidden

00:00:54Without any disability,

00:00:56Because I would like to know everything about life, from sex to death.

00:01:01Only then you can Tertvawa to after sex and death.

00:01:06Through your understanding that you can start by

00:01:09Approach something, which is after sex and after death.

00:01:15That is eternity.

00:01:18Those are life energy you have, pure energy.

00:01:24Through sex generates your body, not ‘you’.

00:01:30Through the death of your body dies, it is not ‘you’.

00:01:33Therefore, no need at all to create these taboos.

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