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OSHO: Anybody Who Gives You a Belief System Is Your Enemy


00:00:05Founder Osho Internatioanl progress.

00:00:10Both gives you

00:00:14An ideological system is an enemy to you

00:00:17It is absolutely necessary

00:00:21That God must be dead,

00:00:23But I

00:00:25I want you to know the concepts I’m so

00:00:32We have the best Friedrich Nietzsche

00:00:34His statement that God has died

00:00:36But I am by saying that I declare was not born originally

00:00:43That it is a myth fabricated

00:00:47Something was invented, not discovered

00:00:51Do you understand the difference

00:00:53Between invention and discovery

00:00:57Discovery is about the truth,


00:01:03Be a factory by you

00:01:06He’s imagination of man-made

00:01:11Certainly, I’ve given this console

00:01:14But sympathy is not the right thing!

00:01:19Sympathy is


00:01:27It makes you unconscious


00:01:33Life is flowing

00:01:35With you very quickly –

00:01:39Seventy years will end soon.

00:02:01Anyone who gives you an ideological system

00:02:05It is an enemy to you

00:02:12Because the ideological system becomes

00:02:15A barrier in front of your eyes

00:02:17You can not see the truth.

00:02:20And disappear in order to find the particular desire the truth.

00:02:25But if you took all your own systems Doctrinal,

00:02:29Certainly in the beginning,

00:02:31It will be bitter.

00:02:33I know

00:02:35the fear,


00:02:42Which will appear on the surface immediately

00:02:45Which you have

00:02:47Ktemtha long

00:02:52But there

00:02:54Very lively.

00:02:58Can not any God that destroys them,

00:03:02Just search for the truth

00:03:05And Achtbaralhakaiqa –

00:03:07Not belief –

00:03:09is being

00:03:11He can

00:03:12Heal all wounds

00:03:16And that makes you a full human being.

00:03:19Full human

00:03:22It is the sacred rights for me

00:03:25From conversations Osho available on DVD entitled:

00:03:27God is the engine dolls: for freedom and responsibility

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