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OSHO: No Faith for Nostradamus


00:00:05Osho International Foundation presents

00:00:09I do not believe that Nostradamus (Nostradamus)

00:00:19You really believe a little Nostradamus (Nostradamus) predictions,


00:00:25I do not believe him.

00:00:30the fact is

00:00:34The man was crazy.

00:00:40He wrote

00:00:42You can use any way you want to interpret.

00:00:52I found this

00:00:54Rational Analysis

00:00:58And in-depth study

00:01:02Nostradamus (Nostradamus),

00:01:07I found it

00:01:12Similarity –

00:01:15In fact, very easy,

00:01:18The world there are many such books.


00:01:27An ancient classics,

00:01:31Jesus is believed to adjoin suo (Vyasa) wrote it myself,

00:01:34Five thousand years ago.

00:01:41about you,

00:01:43Anything written on the inside.

00:01:48You only need to go to the pastor there,

00:01:50Quote your name,

00:01:52Time of your birth, your birth chart;

00:01:55He can give you count out

00:01:57He will find a page

00:02:01There are above border yeah suo (Vyasa) a description of you.

00:02:08That is


00:02:13Because in Sanskrit (Sanskrit) in

00:02:17Each word has meaning at least twelve.

00:02:24So look at you,

00:02:28Watching you

00:02:29Talking to you

00:02:33Specifically to do research in this area who can be counted out

00:02:39He can begin

00:02:42Read out by the book.

00:02:45He can

00:02:50Very correct.

00:02:57This book was everywhere in India;

00:03:04So you can

00:03:07In Delhi (Delhi) count

00:03:09But if you are not satisfied –

00:03:13Who knew it was the right or wrong? –

00:03:17Then you can go to Madras (Madras),

00:03:19You can go to Kolkata (Calcutta)

00:03:22They will turn to the same page –

00:03:25Because I find that page

00:03:30Your clue is provided.

00:03:34Only to change names:

00:03:36To Delhi (Delhi),

00:03:38Baoge Ming word,

00:03:44date of birth.

00:03:48In Madras (Madras), reported another name,

00:03:51Another time of birth ……

00:03:53You will understand how it was.

00:03:57He will not be the ability to turn that page,

00:04:00He would turn to another page.

00:04:03But in general,

00:04:07Those who go to count,

00:04:09Those who go there,

00:04:13They do not do that.

00:04:16They left a very deep impression.

00:04:25Nostradamus (Nostradamus)

00:04:27Available in any way you want to interpret.

00:04:32The meaning of the sentence itself is unclear,

00:04:36The syntax is not right.




00:04:47So you can them

00:04:49You have to put in any context.

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