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OSHO: Marriage and Children


00:00:09Marriage and children

00:00:15Have you ever been on the verge of marriage?

00:00:17not at all

00:00:19I’ve always been against the marriage from the beginning

00:00:23Because it means

00:00:29Reduce your freedom



00:00:40Legally with a woman or with a man, not

00:00:45Freedom for me

00:00:47Is the nominal value

00:00:51Nothing my name of freedom

00:00:56It was a difficult

00:01:00Because I’m from the beginning I was fighting

00:01:04My parents were in a difficult situation

00:01:07My family was in a difficult situation

00:01:10But I told them very clearly

00:01:14I will not get married

00:01:16Of course they will be happy very happy

00:01:18If I’d be Nasca Birch

00:01:23I refused

00:01:25Will also be that the Hermit Virgin

00:01:28That was their problem

00:01:31If I was going to be Nasca Birch

00:01:33They will be happy


00:01:36They were proud

00:01:39That their son became a great monk

00:01:44Also rejected

00:01:46Both of which is a trench

00:01:48What I Saslk in the middle

00:01:51On the edge of the code

00:01:55I have enjoyed this behavior


00:02:01So what do you say all married now in this world? Is every husband and wife to get a divorce?

00:02:07Every person, he must be Attaleg

00:02:11Without any exception

00:02:15People be met and loved each other

00:02:22From time to time to time

00:02:24Whenever the opportunity arises

00:02:28Should not be

00:02:31An ugly case


00:02:34When the wife must be practiced love with a man

00:02:38Which is no longer

00:02:41Love him anymore,

00:02:43But it must

00:02:46That the performance of their duty doubles

00:02:50As well as the husband doing his duty towards her doubles

00:02:54While he is making love to a woman who may be thinking about is what another woman,

00:02:59She may be thinking about another man what.

00:03:02What kind of fanatic society has created us?

00:03:08If not Thban were you Bedkma the other

00:03:11At least be


00:03:15And say frankly

00:03:19It was nice to be together, but now it’s all over

00:03:25Parted ways in peace


00:03:31If marriage is a final of this world disappears

00:03:35With marriage

00:03:37Divorce will disappear.

00:03:40With marriage, prostitution will disappear.

00:03:46With marriage

00:03:48Most of the work the priest will end.

00:03:55With marriage

00:03:57Almost 99%

00:04:02Analysts of psychologists and therapists work,

00:04:07Psychiatrists will disappear.

00:04:12He married, which creates all kinds of

00:04:18Psychological deviations,


00:04:22And a sense of guilt

00:04:27He simply humanist:

00:04:30You see a beautiful woman

00:04:35If you wish spend some time with her

00:04:41This does not need any permission from God

00:04:50Even God



00:05:01The Virgin Mary

00:05:05Without their consent

00:05:07Can you believe this novel?

00:05:10I just believe in this novel

00:05:13Because it proves that God rapist.

00:05:21Otherwise what you believe this novel.

00:05:25Jesus Christ to be the Son of haram

00:05:32Surely it was not the son of Joseph,

00:05:39In order to cover all of this matter

00:05:41Created has been that great novel.

00:05:44It is to bring God to do it!

00:05:48They say that God

00:05:51It is the Holy Trinity

00:05:53Father, son, the holy soul

00:06:00The Holy Spirit did.

00:06:06But it is part of God.

00:06:09It’s just like my hands

00:06:11Part of me

00:06:14Genital part of you and your members

00:06:18The Holy Spirit is part of God, perhaps his genitals.

00:06:25Otherwise, how he was able to convert a virgin girl

00:06:32To a pregnant woman?

00:06:35What about family duties, responsibilities of spouses towards children?

00:06:42It assumed that responsibility for children rests with the surrounding community

00:06:48And not the responsibility of the family.

00:06:53It is the family that is creating

00:06:56Many of the problems

00:06:58In the minds of children

00:07:00It gives them all the diseases,

00:07:05As well as

00:07:07Each Khravadtha


00:07:12Stupid ideas,

00:07:14And theological beliefs, religion, and political parties.

00:07:18It imposes on the child.

00:07:24The child to free his family. If you want a new man

00:07:31Then be the ugly family enterprise,

00:07:36I have gone Zamanha

00:07:38It should be replaced with community

00:07:45And then it is very easy – the community cares about all children

00:07:51There will be a father, mother: two they can meet the child, the child can come to them.

00:08:00But basically

00:08:02It is the responsibility of the commune (your community) to the attention of boys.

00:08:07Boys will be a lot of uncles and aunts

00:08:12They will have the opportunity to contact the human with various kinds of people.

00:08:21It will significantly enrich

00:08:25Our children

00:08:28Very Mvkaron

00:08:31They know only one man and one woman

00:08:34They know that constant fights between them

00:08:37Women always disgruntled men

00:08:41Man hits woman

00:08:45This is what it Aderban their children

00:08:49Child Sekrk

00:08:52It will be a carbon copy for you to know or not to know

00:08:56Your daughter will repeat her mother

00:09:00The knowledge or lack of knowledge

00:09:01For this reason, no son to forgive his father

00:09:07Or daughter that her mother tolerated

00:09:12We have shattered

00:09:13The lives of their children



00:09:18Psychological phenomenon installed


00:09:25If the (communal) takes care of the community is raising children

00:09:29Then they will have many kinds of people experience.

00:09:36It is my experience

00:09:39That each person is unique

00:09:44And that as far as

00:09:47Have knowledge, friendships and intimate

00:09:51And love stories

00:09:52as much as

00:09:54It will be the richest