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OSHO: Meditations for Contemporary People

00:00:01International Osho Center offers

00:00:03Reflections of contemporary people

00:00:07I have invented some techniques, techniques of meditation,

00:00:14She says that in India there are 112 technical hopes

00:00:19How can we choose them useful?

00:00:25All useful …

00:00:32Only one has to read techniques 112

00:00:38This is possible within half an hour

00:00:44Because each technique is a two-line

00:00:56So just read it,

00:00:58Any Tlamsk Technology

00:01:03This is the …

00:01:09Is Stnaspk,

00:01:11Try it.

00:01:17Or if you find two or three techniques

00:01:20Then try one after the other, give an opportunity for each of them.

00:01:26Of the 112 technology you must find one

00:01:33More than one

00:01:34At least one certainly,

00:01:39But from my experience, more than one

00:01:44It would be appropriate for every human being.

00:01:50The simplest way is to pass through them,

00:01:54Read them,

00:01:59Any technology suddenly Tlamsk

00:02:10This is going to be!

00:02:12Try it, at least for one and twenty days.

00:02:22If you start working, forget all the other techniques.

00:02:31Continued to test the technique.

00:02:35It does not matter the number of techniques that test them

00:02:40It is important to test one technology to another extent possible,

00:02:49For a deeper experience where,

00:02:56If successful in one technology

00:03:00Then all the other techniques will be very easy.

00:03:05If the first six months it took technology,

00:03:09Other techniques will take only one week,

00:03:14Because you now have completely reached to the point.

00:03:22You know the place, learn the space which are made by meditation.

00:03:29This will be a different route takes you to the same place.

00:03:37Whenever I tested some of the other techniques

00:03:44The time it takes will be less.

00:03:50I have tested the 112 techniques

00:03:57After the experience of a dozen of them, things will become very easy.

00:04:06In the first time, try it, you will reach directly to the place.

00:04:21Then, various special Tqanyata developed for these 112

00:04:30Because I saw that there are some problems when modern humans

00:04:39This is not covered in the 112 techniques.

00:04:44I have written perhaps ten thousand years ago …

00:04:52There was a different kind of human, and culture,

00:05:02A different type of people.

00:05:08Contemporary modern human has some differences.

00:05:16After ten thousand years it was very necessary.

00:05:21For example, the kinetic meditation (dynamic)

00:05:24Not within the 112 techniques

00:05:30It is very essential for the modern man,

00:05:35It may not be present at that time.

00:05:39If people are innocent,

00:05:49Since there is a need for reflection motor.

00:05:53But if people Mekputin,

00:06:00Have a lot of psychological pressure,

00:06:07Then they will need to get rid of the feeling.

00:06:13So meditation is the only motor

00:06:18To help them clean up inside them.

00:06:24And after they can no technique of these 112 experience

00:06:29It will not be difficult.

00:06:32If they tried now, immediately, they will fail.

00:06:37I saw a lot of people trying to directly,

00:06:43But they did not get anywhere,

00:06:48Because they are too full of rubbish.

00:06:54Where you must first emptied.

00:07:03Kinetic meditation offers a great help.

00:07:11All technologies developed by

00:07:14Placed a modern person

00:07:20By doing it will become clean,

00:07:30Free of morn,

00:07:34Simple and innocent …

00:07:40Perhaps there is no need to experience those techniques.

00:07:46But just out of curiosity you can experience any technical ones,

00:07:54And be surprised by the speed with which

00:07:59Will enter them into a deeper point where.

00:08:12If the first thing to be something facilitator,

00:08:20It is very necessary for a modern person.

00:08:27And you can then use those static techniques.

00:08:39Source The Last Testament Vol.3 # 19

00:08:42MEDITATION: The First and Last Freedom, THE BOOK OF SECRETS

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