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OSHO: Sensitivity Can Be Shared


00:00:02Osho International Foundation production

00:00:03Sources say the words: “The Sound of Music thirteenth speak Satyam Shivam Sundaram”

00:00:06Osho: There are thousands of ways to share our sensibility

00:00:12Sensibility is

00:00:16To share with countless types of methods.

00:00:24The most basic is

00:00:28─ love

00:00:30Rather than a loving relationship,

00:00:35Just love Stark

00:00:42Without any conditions.

00:00:47Does not require any in return:

00:00:58─ spilled your heart

00:01:00Because heart overflowing with emotional ─

00:01:08Floating down on people,

00:01:09Even stranger.

00:01:14Today scientists claim

00:01:18If you are friendly

00:01:27With trees

00:01:29shake hands

00:01:31You will feel

00:01:32Great sense

00:01:36In the tree itself.

00:01:44There is an old story ─

00:01:47Incredible story,

00:01:52This story can not be true, but

00:01:54Who do not know …

00:01:57Perhaps this is a true story.

00:02:00The story is that after every time after Buddha Sakyamuni,

00:02:08Already bare


00:02:14Will suddenly grow leaves

00:02:18Let Buddha shade.

00:02:21Whenever He sat under a tree,


00:02:27A thousand flowers bloom

00:02:30Falling one after another in the Buddha body.

00:02:35Maybe this is just a symbol,

00:02:42But there may be true.

00:02:48I mentioned,

00:02:52In my support, modern scientists

00:02:57Research a variety of trees.

00:03:03This is India’s first Nobel Prize winner,

00:03:07Qian jaws around Josh Booth (Jagdish Chandra Bose),

00:03:11He proved to the scientific community

00:03:15World trees are not dead.

00:03:24He got the Nobel Prize because the study,

00:03:30Since around Josh Qian pawl Booth (Jagdish Chandra Bose)

00:03:34A lot has happened yet.

00:03:36He will be very happy

00:03:40If he is able to see

00:03:43Scientists have done,

00:03:46the study.

00:03:48Now scientists have

00:03:50Like some kind of

00:03:53ECG scanner instrument

00:03:55Link in the trees.

00:03:58There is a friendly


00:04:05Came to the tree

00:04:08Heart full of love

00:04:13Trees will start

00:04:18─ dance

00:04:19Even if there is no wind ─

00:04:23ECG scanners

00:04:26Will be displayed

00:04:28Very well-proportioned.

00:04:31Paper chart

00:04:35Set aside


00:04:46Beautiful patterns.

00:04:48And when another came

00:04:51─ people with an ax

00:04:53Want to cut the tree with the idea ─

00:04:57Even if he was not close to the tree and the tree

00:05:02Charts on ECG scanner

00:05:06Show frantic lines.

00:05:09All of symmetry, harmony have disappeared.

00:05:16The tree is simply crazy:

00:05:18There seems to know anything to hurt it.

00:05:21The strange thing is simply not cause harm;

00:05:26Just a woodcutter felling hearts idea.

00:05:31This tree


00:05:35Such sensitive

00:05:37To capture subjects in your thoughts.

00:05:43The same man holding an ax,

00:05:48But there is no idea of ​​cutting down trees,

00:05:52Came to the tree

00:05:54The chart is harmonious symmetry,

00:05:58This tree shows no fear of fear,

00:06:01No tension.

00:06:04Scientists also noted,

00:06:09If there is a tree in the woods are full of fear ─

00:06:15Scientists have never thought,

00:06:18But one scientist

00:06:21The electrocardiogram connection

00:06:25─ around the tree to other trees

00:06:28When a tree began to tremble and fear

00:06:32Other tree

00:06:35Began to tremble.

00:06:38They certainly are old friends

00:06:41Growth in the same piece of woodland.

00:06:45They share

00:06:49Love each other,

00:06:51They must be very caring and friendly with each other.

00:06:56Therefore, they will immediately reflect them afraid.

00:07:05Whole existence is full of delicate sensibility ─

00:07:10Human beings are in existence

00:07:14The pinnacle of work.


00:07:19your heart,

00:07:21You are in,

00:07:23Already ready to be overflowing out.

00:07:29But you have hidden,

00:07:31Suppressed his sensibility,

00:07:37Because your parents, teachers

00:07:41Warn you

00:07:42keep it up,

00:07:46─ to be strong

00:07:52Because this is a

00:07:55Competitive world;

00:07:59If you can not fight and compete

00:08:05Then you will inglorious.

00:08:09So only a few like the poet,



00:08:18And sculptor, etc. ─

00:08:20These people no longer live in a competitive world,

00:08:24These people do not want to accumulate

00:08:27Billionaire ─

00:08:32They are alone

00:08:34and also


00:08:42Emotional person surviving.

00:08:43But a meditator

00:08:46Walker is walking in the aisle.

00:08:52He will be more sensitive sentimental,

00:08:56The more you can share your sensibility,

00:09:00your love,

00:09:01Your kind,

00:09:04Your mercy,

00:09:05The closer you will

00:09:08Walker became the target.

00:09:21“My poor husband,”

00:09:24Mrs. Jin Sibo

00:09:27His psychological analysts say

00:09:30Mr. pulled her back.

00:09:34“He thinks

00:09:36He is a parking meter. “

00:09:41Psychoanalyst quietly watching

00:09:44Morbid guy asked:

00:09:48“Why does not he say so himself?

00:09:51Does he not speak? “

00:09:53“How can he speak.”

00:09:55Mrs. Jin Sibo said:

00:09:57“Mouthful of coins can talk?”

00:10:06in my

00:10:08In view

00:10:09A disciple

00:10:15Do its utmost to get rid of

00:10:19Abnormal spirit

00:10:21Of those who have been restricted.


00:10:27Will be of great help

00:10:30For your sanity clear,

00:10:34─ keen

00:10:38And if

00:10:39You can continue

00:10:41In the right direction of travel,

00:10:45This will be your way of meditation

00:10:48To the last

00:10:49You will have experience of the mystery of enlightenment.

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