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OSHO: Being In Love

00:00:23Osho International Foundation offers

00:00:26Falling in love and share treasures

00:00:31I announce to you

00:00:34That you will be selfish.

00:00:37Let me I return, because the word


00:00:48He had condemned a lot

00:00:55So that there is every possibility

00:00:56That you will misunderstand me.



00:01:06Really beautiful.

00:01:09To be selfish simply means

00:01:13to be yourself.

00:01:19I am telling you:

00:01:20Do not think someone else to one of the world,

00:01:23Just think of yourself;

00:01:27In that particular appreciation

00:01:32You would have thought the whole world.

00:01:36Be selfish

00:01:40You will find

00:01:43Each Alla- selflessly

00:01:47That you may seek and seek them

00:01:50Without you find,


00:01:56It’s the whole

00:01:57It was reversed.

00:01:59I did they tell you

00:02:01You love your neighbor –

00:02:03But you were not yourself have never loved.

00:02:11The person

00:02:12Who did not like himself,

00:02:14How can he love his neighbor?

00:02:18from where

00:02:20He can bring

00:02:24the love?

00:02:27First you have to


00:02:34You love your neighbor –

00:02:37You who do not know anything about love

00:02:39Because you were not yourself have loved

00:02:42Neighbor loves –

00:02:44He did not have loved himself.

00:02:49So mad gets in the world:

00:02:53People love each other and they do not know anything about love.

00:02:58They are like beggars

00:02:59Tramping from each other,


00:03:05That the other is the emperor.

00:03:08Both think the same way:

00:03:10The other is the emperor.

00:03:12Both are beggars.

00:03:13Sooner or later


00:03:18Show itself;

00:03:20Then there



00:03:26Then you think that you have been tricked,

00:03:29This beggar has been

00:03:31Try to prove himself as emperor.

00:03:33This is now an absolute stupidity –

00:03:36You’re thinking about it


00:03:45The same situation from the other side:

00:03:48The other person thinks you

00:03:50You may beguiled,

00:03:52Pretending you to be Empress

00:03:54And you just Shahatha.

00:03:57When you find both beggars

00:04:00That they beggars,

00:04:04What you can do then

00:04:06Only to become



00:04:15Anvien to each other,


00:04:23Each other as much as possible.

00:04:27Love ….?

00:04:31It was nothing;

00:04:34I did not know what love is.

00:04:38To know anything,

00:04:40You start out on your own.

00:04:47You have been asked

00:04:48Sacrifice yourself


00:04:52Ideal stupid.

00:04:57I simply want you

00:05:01That you will be selfish.

00:05:09Will Tvajoon

00:05:13That you will if you are selfish

00:05:17Tkchwon many treasures

00:05:19Within yourselves

00:05:23So that you quickly you start


00:05:29Because the joy of finding treasure less than

00:05:33His participation.

00:05:42Treasures that are inside you

00:05:46Do not follow the normal science economy

00:05:50And Qguannah.

00:05:52Is only

00:05:56In particular the contrary,

00:05:58Quite the opposite

00:05:59The normal structure of the economy


00:06:11In a normal economy

00:06:14If you are given something,

00:06:15You’ll have less.

00:06:21If you continue to tender,

00:06:24Soon it will be the beggar.

00:06:30In the world of the normal economy

00:06:32Extract from everyone

00:06:34As much as possible

00:06:37Then you have


00:06:41And more and more.

00:06:50Treasures that I speak to you,


00:06:55Another law:

00:06:57If concerned by

00:07:01Is shrinking,

00:07:04If too much concerned

00:07:06You can even kill them.

00:07:11if you want

00:07:13In their destruction

00:07:16Then close all windows and doors,

00:07:21It became a tomb

00:07:25So that nothing can escape

00:07:27Foreigk –

00:07:31But you will be a dead man,

00:07:34With all your treasures also dead with you;

00:07:38Your truth, your freedom,

00:07:41Your love, your joy.

00:07:44Everything will be dead in you –

00:07:49Dead safely,

00:07:54Locked well.

00:08:01But if you want to

00:08:05Growth treasures,

00:08:07share it,

00:08:12Share it to everyone and diverse –

00:08:19do not worry

00:08:22If this enemy or friend.

00:08:27When you’re involved,

00:08:29The question of participation,

00:08:31It is not with whom.

00:08:34To all whom it may concern,

00:08:38You simply give.

00:08:44Do not be interested in the title,

00:08:50You simply continued to send love letters.

00:08:55Sestelmha one of them somewhere.


00:09:05The more we continue to participate,


00:09:16Continued to enter more

00:09:19Inside you from unknown sources.

00:09:24Man is just like the fountain …

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