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OSHO: Love and Hate Are One


00:00:03Osho International Foundation offers

00:00:06“Osho: love and hate one thing”

00:00:10From an interview with Osho entitled: love and hatred – two sides of the same coin

00:00:15From Misery to Enlightenment Chapter 13 of the book

00:00:21, You say that love and hate one thing

00:00:25.lcunnina I see the hatred in the world more than love

00:00:28At the same time

00:00:30You say that enlightenment is not

00:00:32.mahbh does not hate

00:00:34Are you talking about two types

00:00:36Different from love?

00:00:37And how this is consistent with your message, and invite you to love?

00:00:56Love and hate

00:01:01Are just two faces

00:01:05One ..lamlh

00:01:12..lkn with love

00:01:17there is something

00:01:20Very .rhib has occurred

00:01:32Can not imagine

00:01:39,how did it happen

00:01:45How has this violent step

00:01:53People have all good intentions

00:01:55.Around the world

00:02:00Maybe not imagine or never suspect

00:02:06.baheie that destroyed the love

00:02:12It is the continuing education of love

00:02:16It is destroyed …

00:02:23, Hatred is still pure

00:02:27… The love is not

00:02:31, When you hate

00:02:33Original and genuine .krahetk

00:02:43When you love

00:02:48.tkon love is just a lie and hypocrisy

00:02:55Understand this very well. You must

00:03:03For thousands of years

00:03:08, All religions

00:03:12, Politicians

00:03:14, Teachers

00:03:17, They were and still know one thing

00:03:23: That the only thing is love

00:03:27, I love your enemy

00:03:31, I love your neighbor

00:03:34, I love your family

00:03:38.I love God

00:03:46, Why, from the beginning


00:03:53This series


00:03:59Teachings about love?

00:04:03, They were afraid of your love authentic

00:04:11.Because inherent love stronger than their control

00:04:19. Love takes you authentic Imitlkk

00:04:25, Where you are not the owner

00:04:28… but owned

00:04:33.okl community wants you under control …

00:04:42, Society is afraid of wild your nature

00:04:50, Afraid of everything in you naturally

00:04:58. So from the beginning, start cutting your wings

00:05:13The main thing and the most important

00:05:15The dangerous thing found in you

00:05:18, Is the possibility of love

00:05:25Because if Tmlkk love

00:05:32You can go

00:05:34.So against the whole world

00:05:38Modern full Osho: love and hatred – two sides of the same coin

00:05:40: It is distributed on a video attachment disc with the book

00:05:42COMPASSION The Ultimate Flowering of Love by Osho, St. Martins Press / Griffin, Spring 2007

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