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Learn the Passive – Part 2 (The Forms) – English Grammar

00:00:02welcome to part two of the passive

00:00:04series so how do we use the passive for

00:00:11different times tenses in English we

00:00:14need all the pieces of grammar to make

00:00:17the sentence correct in this lesson

00:00:20we’ll be using this example first we

00:00:24need to remember how to make a passive

00:00:27sentence remember we need the verb be

00:00:31and the verb needs to be in the past

00:00:34participle or verb 3 form

00:00:38so let’s start with past simple that’s

00:00:41easy enough we’ve got the subject I the

00:00:44action is a rest but remember this is

00:00:46passive so we need to include that

00:00:48grammar the verb be in this case if it’s

00:00:51past it follows the subject I so I was

00:00:56the verb becomes the past participle

00:00:58arrested but how about present perfect

00:01:05that’s more difficult because we need

00:01:07have and the past participle to form

00:01:10present perfect and for passive we need

00:01:13be and the past participle what the help

00:01:16to past participles that’s confusing

00:01:21just remember it’s the passive B which

00:01:25changes with the tense so for present

00:01:28perfect what do you think would be

00:01:35it’s this so I have being be took the

00:01:43past participle that forms the present

00:01:46perfect the be and the past participial

00:01:50arrests dead that covers the passive so

00:01:54you see we use all the pieces of the

00:01:56grammar so there next one

00:01:59imagine this action is happening right

00:02:01now for an action happening now which

00:02:05form do we use that’s right present

00:02:10continuous now present continuous we

00:02:13need B and ing so apply the same logic

00:02:17to this present continuous passive

00:02:22sentence the action is arrest we need to

00:02:27show it’s happening now so I’m in that

00:02:30covers present continuous B and past

00:02:33participle arrest ed that shows it’s

00:02:36passive so it becomes I am being


00:02:42how about past perfect you try this one

00:02:45I believe in you

00:02:47past perfect we need had and a past

00:02:50participle passive we need B and a past

00:02:53participle I had been arrested had in

00:03:00that’s past perfect we’ve still got B

00:03:03and arrested for the passive what about

00:03:07past perfect continuous passive

00:03:14I’ve been being arrested that doesn’t

00:03:17sound right

00:03:18to be honest in this tense it’s much

00:03:21more common to change being for getting

00:03:23I’d been getting arrested for example

00:03:27it’s not often you’d say that sentence

00:03:29or just leaving it as past perfect

00:03:32simple passive that’s the end of today’s

00:03:36class I’ll see you next time