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Powerful Handheld Rocket Rifle (AK-47 style)

00:00:07these cheap paper rockets from a

00:00:09different project will cruise over 300

00:00:11feet if you got the right equipment to

00:00:13get them airborne in this project you’ll

00:00:16learn how to convert common sprinkler

00:00:17parts into a powerful and portable

00:00:20handheld rocket launcher


00:00:37for this project I based my design on

00:00:40the style of an ak-47 assault rifle I

00:00:42rounded up these PVC sprinkler parts for

00:00:44about $45 at a local hardware store to

00:00:47get started we’ll need to measure some

00:00:49nine inch lengths of 2-inch PVC pipe and

00:00:51when those are cut they connect to these

00:00:53reducing adapters together these will

00:00:55act as the pressure chambers that power

00:00:57the rocket launch I’m placing the parts

00:00:59on my work table in the basic form of

00:01:01the finished rifle so I can measure

00:01:02custom lengths of one-inch pipe for the

00:01:04body I’m happy with a look so let’s cut

00:01:06a two-foot length of half-inch pipe for

00:01:08the barrel and commit to this design by

00:01:10making it permanent purple primer will

00:01:13go on first to clean the connections and

00:01:14when they’re dry it’s time to add the

00:01:16PVC cement when we make our connections

00:01:19it’s important to use glue on both

00:01:20components and twist them together to

00:01:23make sure we get a great seal there’s

00:01:25going to be a lot of pressure in these

00:01:26chambers and we don’t want to take any

00:01:27chances with a bad connection

00:01:29alright the frame is complete and now we

00:01:31can focus on adding a pneumatic coupler

00:01:33to this cap this will allow us to

00:01:35pressurize our system with an air

00:01:36compressor the pneumatic coupling is

00:01:39added by drilling a hole in the top of

00:01:40the cap and tapping the hole to form

00:01:42threads that will secure the adapter

00:01:44airtight next we can drill a hole in the

00:01:46other cap just big enough for a

00:01:48momentary switch I’ll shape the bottom

00:01:50with my belt sander and a rotary tool so

00:01:53that this trigger cap will fit snug on

00:01:54the handle I’m getting this ready for

00:01:56painting so I’ll need to clean off the

00:01:58stickers with some adhesive remover and

00:02:00tape over the parts that I don’t want


00:02:02we still need to attach the trigger

00:02:04before we can paint and we also need to

00:02:06attach on doorbell wire as well as this

00:02:08poly tubing these together will join the

00:02:10electrical system to the trigger switch

00:02:12in the cap to connect them up we’ll have

00:02:15to cut a hole just bigger than the tube

00:02:16and while we’re at it let’s drill a hole

00:02:18in the center of this plug as well

00:02:19because we’re gonna need that later next

00:02:22let’s strip our doorbell wire so we can

00:02:24connect each wire to the switch when

00:02:26those are in place and tightened we can

00:02:28secure the switch on the cap then pull

00:02:30the wires through the bottom hole we

00:02:32need to get these wires through the


00:02:33tubing and I found that could be done by

00:02:35sucking a string through the tube first

00:02:37then attaching the wires to the string

00:02:39this way they pull through the tube

00:02:41easily alright the tube is in place and

00:02:43we can add some hot glue to help keep it

00:02:45there and now we’re ready to attach the

00:02:46trigger to the frame hot glue goes on

00:02:49the back and it presses into place

00:02:50nicely I’ll add just a little more glue

00:02:53to fill in the gaps okay it’s time for a

00:02:55paint job and I think it’ll be fun to

00:02:57use a variety of camouflage pants so

00:02:59I’ll hang this up and start attacking it

00:03:00with four different colors I’m letting

00:03:03each layer dry before adding the next

00:03:04color and just spraying in random

00:03:06patterns for effect I’ll add a coat of

00:03:08finish and when it’s dry I think it

00:03:10looks pretty good the masking tape we

00:03:13use to cover the trigger switch and

00:03:14pneumatic coupling can all be removed

00:03:16and then thread tape can be added to

00:03:18each of the threaded connector nipples

00:03:19we need to make sure these are screwed

00:03:21back on fairly tightly because we don’t

00:03:23want any air to leak let’s add the

00:03:25inline sprinkler valve next and then

00:03:27screw the Barrel on to that the valve

00:03:29wires get pulled through the 90 degree

00:03:31joint and the elbow presses nicely onto

00:03:33the solenoid casing now it’s time to rig

00:03:35up the electrical system the ends of

00:03:38each wire need to be snipped to size and

00:03:40strip to expose the bare copper wire the

00:03:42other side is made ready by pushing the

00:03:44poly tube through the hole in the end

00:03:46plug that we made earlier next we need

00:03:48to wire a nine volt snap connector in

00:03:50series with the valve and the switch and

00:03:52that can be done by twisting the ends


00:03:54I used electrical tape to cover the

00:03:56connections and it ends up looking like

00:03:58this now we can snap our battery in

00:04:00place and add hot glue to hold the

00:04:02tubing inside the plug when that’s cool

00:04:04the wire and battery suck very

00:04:06comfortably up into the casing to shield

00:04:08the battery from the elements the system

00:04:10is finished at this point you should

00:04:12have your very own ak-47 style

00:04:14compressed air rocket launcher I’m

00:04:17really happy with the way it looks and

00:04:18handles I’ve even made barrel adapters

00:04:20for shooting paintballs and water

00:04:22balloons and a valve stem adapter for

00:04:24hooking up a bike pump for anyone who

00:04:25doesn’t have an air compressor a little

00:04:28pose for the camera and I’m ready to

00:04:29test out one of my five cent

00:04:31high-pressure paper rockets

00:04:32look for the video on how to build those

00:04:34alright all my neighbors are at work and

00:04:36the streets are clear so it’s time to

00:04:38fire well where’d it go I actually lost

00:04:42sight of it but after a few minutes of

00:04:43searching my little boy helped me find

00:04:45it way down the street almost 300 feet

00:04:47away that’s nearly the length of a

00:04:49football field and it’s still in perfect

00:04:51condition so let’s shoot it again I’m

00:04:54firing these at 135 psi and they’re out

00:04:57of sight every time well this is far

00:04:59surpassed my expectations not only can

00:05:01it launch rockets completely out of

00:05:03sight but it’s portable customizable and

00:05:05can be modified to launch paintballs and

00:05:07water balloons hundreds of feet that’s

00:05:09it for now if you liked this project

00:05:11perhaps you’ll like some of my others

00:05:13check them out at the king of random