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The Great British Food Fight – Channel 4 trailer

00:00:06Channel four during the flu season again

00:00:08it’s gonna be massive it’s all about

00:00:10Great Britain you have been asked to

00:00:12represent your country amazing the

00:00:14moment I stepped into this team I felt

00:00:16like I’ve been here on my life we’re all

00:00:18relying on our own skills and physical

00:00:20strength natural ability at the end of

00:00:23the day they asked me to be captain


00:00:24Gordon likes to think he’s captain let

00:00:26him have it fitting body foot in the

00:00:28kitchen God is really competitive yeah

00:00:32who doesn’t

00:00:33Q is completely a nice guy annoying

00:00:36ready no Heston you know he’s the new

00:00:40guy we have a lot of respect for him

00:00:42Heston does like his gadgets I’ve just

00:00:45got some some basic bits of kit that we

00:00:47use so freeze dryer a vacuum oven

00:00:49distillates a rotary evaporator I’ve got

00:00:52a computer system for analyzing aroma

00:00:54compounds doesn’t really speak the same

00:00:55languages us Jamie’s a puppy dog

00:00:57bounding around the place this blue side

00:00:59is good for him but he’ll get there cuz

00:01:01that’s just the lack of maturity Heston

00:01:04didn’t want address the same as us he’s

00:01:06got a silk all-in-one and NASA developed


00:01:09the atmosphere is terrific we’re really

00:01:13pulling together and we’re there for

00:01:15each other this isn’t an ego trip this

00:01:18isn’t about us individuals this is about

00:01:21Great Britain each other and we’re there

00:01:25for British food it’s a great British

00:01:27food fight new season starts with big

00:01:29chef takes on little chef Monday at 9:00

00:01:31on four