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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution round-up

00:00:01hello lovely people mr. all over here

00:00:04just doing an annual roundup of food

00:00:07revolution and all things food an

00:00:10activism on the site so obviously happy

00:00:13holidays happy Christmas whatever you’re

00:00:15celebrating I hope you have a wonderful

00:00:16end to the year it’s been a really busy

00:00:18year for the food revolution so I’m just

00:00:20going to give you a little bits of the

00:00:21highlights so the petitions going really

00:00:23well we’ve got 771 thousand signatures

00:00:27on our global petition you know to

00:00:30basically make sure that we guarantee

00:00:32proper food and food education for kids

00:00:34at school we’ve got over 104,000

00:00:38Facebook followers which is brilliant

00:00:39fifteen thousand five hundred people

00:00:42following the food revolution team on

00:00:44Twitter and over 600 food revolution

00:00:47community groups which is really

00:00:49exciting because that represents over

00:00:5117,000 people around America basically

00:00:55stir in the pot asking for more

00:00:57demanding more whether its food what’s

00:00:59on the menu what the school can be doing

00:01:01more stuff going on in the High Street

00:01:03that they don’t believe in farming

00:01:05practices so I’m really proud really

00:01:08proud of those 600 community groups and

00:01:11they’re all active and they’re getting

00:01:12on with it so really chuffed with that

00:01:14and some of the great stuff from 2011

00:01:16well over 3,000 people texted come

00:01:20Congress our bill got compromised

00:01:23probably by about fifty percent it’s

00:01:25still good but we’ve lost out and now in

00:01:27America Pizza is considered a vegetable

00:01:30which clearly mad and french fries are

00:01:34as well our no potatoes are a vegetable

00:01:36but french fries you know is it the fact

00:01:38that they can have it as much as they

00:01:40want limitlessly it’s kind of missing

00:01:43the point so three thousand of you

00:01:45texted Congress to really shake him up

00:01:48even though it was a done deal it’s

00:01:50important that we give them a slap

00:01:51because this is just the beginning with

00:01:53the food revolution we’ve got 1,000 milk

00:01:56leaders these are people that have been

00:01:59petitioning against flavored milk and

00:02:01just just put that in context why we

00:02:03upset about flavored milk it’s not just

00:02:05the color ins and the additives it’s the

00:02:07fat and there’s more sugar per 100 meals

00:02:09in that then some of your most you know

00:02:12famous pop or fizzy drinks in the


00:02:15ridiculous and kids certainly don’t need

00:02:16it twice a day over 2,000 people

00:02:19completely the cooking course at

00:02:21Huntington’s kitchen Huntington is a

00:02:23town you’ve gotta respect them they’ve

00:02:25really come together paper radio local

00:02:28TV stations the communities fitness

00:02:31groups kids elementary school high

00:02:34schools there’s proper healthy food in

00:02:36every single one of the 28 schools in

00:02:38Cabell County the revolution is possible

00:02:41it can make a difference you’ve just got

00:02:43to get busy with it so flavored milks

00:02:45corn dogs nuggets and all of that crap

00:02:48have been banned from the LAUSD the

00:02:51second biggest school district in

00:02:52America and you know the reason we went

00:02:55to LA just to remind you and the reason

00:02:57we’re focusing on there is because LA

00:03:00california is positioned to make great

00:03:02change even though there has been some

00:03:04bad stuff going on but also if you can

00:03:06make change in LA you can make change in

00:03:08any state in America so I think we’re

00:03:10well positioned and John Daisy the new

00:03:13superintendent has stuck to his word he

00:03:16has not caved in to pressure and

00:03:18complaints and all the kind of food

00:03:20manufacturers so he is a big man he’s

00:03:23being brave he’s not taking the easy

00:03:25road and he’s beginning to kick ass so

00:03:28therefore food revolution we love him we

00:03:31love him let’s see what happens in the

00:03:32next year stay strong brother stay

00:03:34strong we’ve got over 700 people that

00:03:37have been taught to cook a whole course

00:03:39of cooking in LA on our big beautiful

00:03:43truck that we raise money for and got

00:03:45last year in the food revolution when we

00:03:47got the TED Prize so that’s seven

00:03:49hundred families and that’s not just one

00:03:52recipe that’s a whole course old people

00:03:55young people in some of the poorest

00:03:58communities so it’s really starting to

00:04:00make a difference and we absolutely

00:04:02wanted to ramp up next year and

00:04:05basically you guys knew people online

00:04:07you’ve donated nearly seventy thousand

00:04:10dollars and some of you have come from

00:04:13different countries from different

00:04:16states and we really appreciate that so

00:04:19thank you very much next year looks

00:04:22great we’ve got loads of things planned

00:04:24and I’ll let you know about that in the

00:04:27beginning of the new year

00:04:28it but thank you thank you thank you and

00:04:31remember it’s all about activists and

00:04:32the food revolutionaries sticking

00:04:35together spreading the word share in the

00:04:38best of the best bits and spread in the

00:04:40worst of the worst bits so thank you

00:04:42very much really appreciate it from mr.

00:04:45Oliver in London god bless you all