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Interview with Jamie Oliver, part 2 – Jamie’s Great Britain


00:00:28we do plan things we do but I actually

00:00:31like throwing it all away I like things

00:00:33changing at the very last minute and my

00:00:35team you know I like SAS they are used

00:00:37to working with me who is clearly a

00:00:39nutcase i’ll just change things and

00:00:42evolve things whatever feels right at

00:00:44the time in the place you know using the

00:00:46right produce from the right place so

00:00:47literally everything can change from one

00:00:49hour to the next and everyone so used to

00:00:52me being like that so you know what that

00:00:54is is it means you have a very free kind

00:00:57of organic process and also you never

00:01:01know what’s around the corner you know

00:01:02we might plan to go into something but

00:01:03there’s something more interesting or

00:01:04something more profound that we’ve got

00:01:05going to do so I like making TV like

00:01:08that it’s about foods about people’s

00:01:10about places and it’s about damn good

00:01:12cooking what I’m trying to do is is to

00:01:16get an honest approach to his love of

00:01:18food so it means keeping that camera

00:01:20rolling a little bit longer so that you

00:01:22see those little moments of real

00:01:23spontaneity in just that sense of

00:01:25surprise that’s what I’m trying to get

00:01:27and bit humor a bit of fun I loved it

00:01:30could feed we try and keep it simple

00:01:31like you can see over there we’re not

00:01:33using any sort of light or anything

00:01:34we’re just reflecting a bit of natural

00:01:35light we’re cooking in a field so you

00:01:38know it’s kind of in some respects we’ll

00:01:40be out on the middle of nowhere cooking

00:01:42up a mountain or we’ll be cooking in

00:01:44someone’s house but making the show’s

00:01:46could fund got you know most of the

00:01:48steam I’ve been working with for 10

00:01:51years so they’re all old friends give or

00:01:53take hello the shawshank redemption yeah

00:01:56you know the big tree when he went and

00:01:57got the little tune with the keys and in

00:01:58the cash because his best friend on the

00:02:00beach we’re gonna reenact that scene I’m

00:02:03sure we’re gonna put that dead animal on

00:02:04that wooden table you can get it under

00:02:06that tree with that beautiful wood but

00:02:08there’ll be no tin and there’ll be no

00:02:10cash I cried

00:02:12so did I but you’ll be crying in there

00:02:13who don’t do it quicker are we doing the

00:02:15lamb now in the back what we try to do

00:02:18is keep that element of surprise and

00:02:20unexpected there we don’t want

00:02:22everything to be set in stone so quite

00:02:24often Jamie will turn up he’ll meet

00:02:26somebody on the Monday and then by the

00:02:29Tuesday the recipe that we maybe thought

00:02:30might happen on the Tuesday has

00:02:32completely changed and that’s because

00:02:34he’s genuinely affected by what he’s

00:02:35done on that that experience ways met

00:02:37people or tasted different sort of food

00:02:39and we respond to that that’s what makes

00:02:41it exciting and so we weren’t planning

00:02:43on being here in the field with all

00:02:44these guys doing this we were supposed

00:02:45to be in the inside her over in

00:02:47another field but it just felt right

00:02:49because we were surrounded by all this

00:02:50great posture which was completely

00:02:53connected to the story about the lamb

00:02:54and he you know he really wanted to be

00:02:56and I think that’s great idea and it

00:02:57looked amazing this was one of the best

00:02:58recipes of everything really good oh my

00:03:01god I’ve learned so many things I mean I

00:03:03think techniques pastries the way of

00:03:05butchering beautiful produce I didn’t

00:03:07even know was on my own backyard you

00:03:09know massively with it with different

00:03:11immigrant groups in our country that we

00:03:12should be proud of and get to know more

00:03:14you know I’ve learnt a lot from that you

00:03:17know people that sound like you but have

00:03:19different story you know that come from

00:03:20other countries and have different

00:03:21cultures in their own house you know

00:03:23I’ve loved all that I don’t know

00:03:25specifically what it is that I’ve

00:03:27learned but really you know whether it’s

00:03:29in the program or the book it’s all down

00:03:31there it’s all down there