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Interview with Jamie Oliver, part 1 – Jamie’s Great Britain

00:00:2914 years of making cooking shows and

00:00:32sort of celebrating everyone else’s

00:00:34countries I thought it was probably

00:00:35about time to do Britain interestingly

00:00:39you know in the last fourteen years

00:00:41there’s been a massive evolution of food

00:00:42in Britain I mean there’s always been a

00:00:44rich diversity of food and food culture

00:00:46but I think what was important about the

00:00:47last fourteen years is the young ones

00:00:49have been really running with kind of

00:00:51modernizing and making food beers wines

00:00:54cheeses their own you know so it’s good

00:00:57timing also the Olympics around the

00:00:59corner you know it just kind of feels

00:01:01like the right time

00:01:08great British cooking is really diverse

00:01:11it’s exciting it can be light and

00:01:13delicate and it can be sort of like a

00:01:15big beautiful friendly hug so I think

00:01:17you know for me this is a celebration

00:01:18actually this is Jamie’s Great Britain

00:01:21but actually it’s it’s kind of a

00:01:23celebration of global cooking around the


00:01:26you know what I’ve tried doing this

00:01:27series is get people comfortable you

00:01:29know and say things like you know fish

00:01:31and chips yeah

00:01:32British I go no it was not British it

00:01:36came with the Jewish communities and if

00:01:38it wasn’t for them we’d never have it

00:01:39you know and just just stuff and I love

00:01:42doing that and we’re doing that and

00:01:43every single program we’re trying to

00:01:44give people things that they’re really

00:01:45close and comfortable with but saying

00:01:47it’s not ours don’t call it out because

00:01:50it ain’t ours but what we should be

00:01:51proud of is the fact that we were clever

00:01:53enough to love it and embrace it and

00:01:55call it our own you can’t really

00:01:57understand food in a culture unless you

00:01:59understand the culture so my shows are

00:02:01always about people they’re always about

00:02:03places but ultimately we get down to the

00:02:05nitty-gritty and that’s cooking serious

00:02:07cooking you know what with me it’s

00:02:09always a little bit deeper than just

00:02:10cooking a few things you know it’s about

00:02:11people it’s about people’s dreams about

00:02:14the way that families can travel and and

00:02:17some people’s stories about getting to

00:02:19this country 100 years ago 50 years ago

00:02:2120 years ago now I just find it

00:02:24fascinating what I’m trying to do in

00:02:25this series is just show people the

00:02:28diverse range of beautiful food

00:02:29happening on this little island and

00:02:31really celebrating not just what we

00:02:34think is British food but also the many

00:02:37many countries from all around the world

00:02:38which now called Britain their home to

00:02:41celebrate British food is to celebrate

00:02:42so many other cultures and cuisines and

00:02:44I just want to get people excited about