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How To – stuff the stuffed cypriot chicken from 30-Minute Meals

00:00:04hi I’m Georgie from Jamie’s view team

00:00:07and I’m going to teach you how to start

00:00:08the chicken breast here I’ve got a

00:00:11lovely little filling I’ve made with

00:00:12sun-dried tomatoes and feta chopped

00:00:14herbs and lots of garlic

00:00:16and I’ve got four chicken breasts still

00:00:18with the skin on I’m just going to get a

00:00:21large frying pan and put it on a high

00:00:23heat before we start medium-high heat

00:00:25and that can get nice and hot for when

00:00:27we actually put our chickens on to cook

00:00:29so first turn the chickens skin side

00:00:32down and then what we’re gonna do is

00:00:36we’re going to cut pockets into the

00:00:39chickens lovely filling so get a small

00:00:42knife and just insert a little the edge

00:00:46and don’t worry about being really

00:00:48really forceful you always trying to

00:00:51generally ease it away and you want to

00:00:55open you want a little pocket there so

00:00:57you can open it like a book so just keep

00:01:01making a decision like that and open it

00:01:06up they say then get a tablespoon of

00:01:11your mixture and push it into the


00:01:22but please do fold it back over flatten

00:01:26it like that and keep going use all your

00:01:31chicken breasts

00:01:38gently ease away with your fingers

00:01:56again same again I’m just get to use

00:02:01your hands stuff it in the it’s all

00:02:07gonna get in at end of the day stepwise

00:02:10you make a bit of a mess that’s fine

00:02:11just rub it in the chicken and close it

00:02:15up as much as you can put that to the


00:02:25pinch sort of it other side the chicken

00:02:28as you cut it to keep it from slipping


00:02:45I’m going stuff it like a pack close the

00:02:48skin over the top smooth it down and

00:02:53last one so the rest of your mixture

00:03:09until she can rest and same again

00:03:12just fold over and close it up now that

00:03:20done my chicken breasts I’m just gonna

00:03:21get some olive oil and put a couple of

00:03:23lugs into this hot pan you want the pan

00:03:26to be really nice and searing hot so

00:03:28that when you put the in the chicken and

00:03:30skin side down it Crispin’s up straight

00:03:32away so okay your chicken breasts then

00:03:35very carefully use some tongs one of

00:03:38these you don’t lose that filling same

00:03:48again what a really nice big pan to do

00:03:52this they don’t overlap at all

00:04:02last one

00:04:07here I’ve got some greaseproof paper

00:04:09that I’ve just run under coalsack make

00:04:12sure it’s nice and damp and squeeze it

00:04:14out and come with it I’m gonna put this

00:04:16at the top of my chicken personally

00:04:21keeping some of the moisture so it means

00:04:24that the skin can still stay nice and

00:04:25crisp and they keep that on there for

00:04:27about five minutes and then i’ma turn

00:04:30the breasts over finish cooking for a

00:04:32further five minutes and there you have

00:04:33it stuffed chicken