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What’s My Video Strategy – Ask Evan

00:00:09hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to

00:00:11another edition of ask Evan in today’s

00:00:13video I’m going to answer question from

00:00:15one of my readers in Oro who is asking

00:00:17about the videos that I make how I make

00:00:20them and why I made them so specifically

00:00:22wrote in asking hi Evan you are just a

00:00:24great guy for being consistent with your

00:00:26messages thank you I have two questions

00:00:28for you one in what way do these

00:00:31messages you send to people positively

00:00:33impact your business I mean economically

00:00:35or financially and to do you have people

00:00:38working on them and sending them out for

00:00:40you or do you have to write and work on

00:00:42people’s questions new ideas

00:00:44continuously when do you have the core

00:00:46of your business to take care of as well

00:00:47I want to say something like this but I

00:00:49need to know if it’s worth my while

00:00:51thanks andorra so a couple of ideas here

00:00:54for you on on how i create these videos

00:00:56most of the videos that i create come

00:00:59from reader questions just like this

00:01:00just like the one that you wrote in I

00:01:02don’t make money from these videos

00:01:05sometimes they’re sponsored by a

00:01:08corporate partner but most of videos are

00:01:11not sponsored I do the videos because I

00:01:13really like helping out entrepreneurs

00:01:14and this is what gets me excited I’ll

00:01:17usually create the videos once a week

00:01:19and then send them out during during the

00:01:22week once a day and it’s the best for my

00:01:24week you know answering reader questions

00:01:26and be able to create these videos for

00:01:27you guys I do almost everything myself

00:01:30so I’m you know staring at my camera

00:01:32that i set up myself what I usually do

00:01:34is print off the questions that I have

00:01:36for the week so if you see here I’ve got

00:01:38you know my pages of questions and I’ll

00:01:41write notes under what I want to say but

00:01:43usually they’ll just be free styling you

00:01:46know whatever comes into my mind as I’m

00:01:49talking about in whatever question that

00:01:51that’s been asked the only part that i

00:01:54outsource right now is the video editing

00:01:56so i started doing all of that myself

00:01:58and i found that you know I wasn’t the

00:02:01best video editor was okay at but time

00:02:04to bring on

00:02:04a little more professional and so I’ve

00:02:07hired somebody Assad who is my video

00:02:09editor and once i’m finished with these

00:02:11recordings i put to my computer put them

00:02:14in dropbox send them over sad and he

00:02:16makes him look great with the intro and

00:02:18the music and all that sent them back to

00:02:20me and then I’ll be the one posting it

00:02:22on youtube and posted on my facebook

00:02:24channel and Twitter and all that stuff

00:02:26so I do most of the work myself and

00:02:29right now you know the only revenue

00:02:32model from it typically is when I get

00:02:34some of the videos partnered with a

00:02:35corporate sponsor but for the most part

00:02:38I do it because I really like it you

00:02:40know one of the best parts of my week

00:02:41and I really enjoy helping entrepreneurs

00:02:43when I first started my website I was

00:02:46just sharing information there was no

00:02:48business model behind it I was just

00:02:49following something I was super excited

00:02:51about really passionate about and

00:02:53trusted that somewhere in the future the

00:02:56dots would connect in terms of my

00:02:58regular business I have a team working

00:03:01with me and they run most of my business

00:03:04for me so I’m lucky that you built it up

00:03:06to a certain point where i’m not really

00:03:08doing much on a day-to-day stuff so i

00:03:10can spend more time doing this kind of

00:03:12stuff which i really enjoy helping out

00:03:14other entrepreneurs so i’m following the

00:03:16same path of the videos right now there

00:03:18isn’t really a big business model behind

00:03:20it but i’m trusting that somewhere in

00:03:23the future the docs will connect because

00:03:24I’m doing something I’m really excited

00:03:26and passionate about and hopefully I’ve

00:03:27been valued to to my client to the

00:03:30entrepreneur community like you guys so

00:03:32in terms of if this is something that

00:03:34you should focus on or not I would

00:03:36really say make sure you’re super

00:03:38excited and passionate about it that way

00:03:41you’ll put in the work to make sure

00:03:42there’s a good product nut you know

00:03:44it’ll start to take off if you’re not

00:03:46really excited about if you see it just

00:03:48as a marketing opportunity then it may

00:03:50not be something that you will end up

00:03:52committing to you you’ll probably quit

00:03:54it the first giant hurdle that you face

00:03:55so when I started these videos I did a

00:03:58super low budget you know I had a tiny

00:04:01flip camera that was under hundred bucks

00:04:03and didn’t have a tripod didn’t have any

00:04:06lights did it out of my home or against

00:04:08a backdrop in my office and they were

00:04:10they were pretty bad if you go back to

00:04:12look at some of the videos you’ll see

00:04:13that that they were pretty bad and then

00:04:16as I got a couple

00:04:18them funded by a corporate partner I was

00:04:20able to invest in a better camera and

00:04:23lighting and I also learned a lot about

00:04:25you know how to make these videos a

00:04:27little bit better and so slowly so

00:04:28slowly they get better as money’s coming

00:04:31in so one of my business principles is

00:04:33not spending money to making money so

00:04:35they want to spend a lot of money on a

00:04:36project that i didn’t know if i was

00:04:38going to stick to or not and then as I

00:04:41got a little bit of money coming in from

00:04:42corporate partners I was able to invest

00:04:45and make these videos better but again

00:04:46most of them is just because I like

00:04:48having fun with you guys I like

00:04:50answering the questions and it’s just

00:04:53something i’m super passionate about and

00:04:54hopefully that leads somewhere down the

00:04:56road but can’t predict it right now so

00:04:59hopefully that answers your question if

00:05:01you guys liked the video and you like

00:05:02all these videos please give this one a

00:05:04thumbs-up and it also love to hear what

00:05:07you think about the videos and any

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