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Biz Tool – DropBox Review

00:00:08hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to

00:00:10another business tools video today I

00:00:13want to talk about one of my favorite

00:00:14tools to run their business and it’s a

00:00:16service called Dropbox so I’m going to

00:00:18scroll down the dropbox you may have

00:00:19heard it before but I’m going to tell

00:00:21you how I use it maybe there’s a couple

00:00:22insights that you can use from it as

00:00:24well so let me load that up so this is

00:00:29Dropbox you can create an account

00:00:31basically what it does is the extra

00:00:33drive on your computer and it allows you

00:00:36to share files with other people that

00:00:38you will need to share files with so

00:00:40I’ll give you a couple examples of what

00:00:41I do so I’ll load up here so this is my

00:00:43dropbox and on my dropbox i have

00:00:47different categories so business

00:00:48personal salsa etc and i’ll show you how

00:00:52i use it so the other people have to

00:00:54have dropbox for use in it so on a

00:00:55personal example i have a folder that i

00:00:57call dad mom and Evan and my parents

00:01:00have signed up for this account as well

00:01:03and basically what happens is we use

00:01:05this to share pictures so I have a young

00:01:07son just over two years old and they’ll

00:01:09often take care of him and take pictures

00:01:11and we’ll take pictures and everybody

00:01:14wants pictures of a young child to you

00:01:17know add to their collection so what

00:01:18we’ll do is we’ll put it into this

00:01:20Dropbox folder whenever we’ve taken new

00:01:22pictures and what that will do is if I

00:01:24put pictures up here into this folder

00:01:26it’ll automatically download it to their

00:01:29computer and then what they’ll do is

00:01:31they’ll take the pictures off and it

00:01:33will store it in a different folder and

00:01:34it will remove it from from this folder

00:01:36and so you’ll see this empty because

00:01:39we’ve already taken the pictures out

00:01:40this is a great way to share pictures

00:01:42you don’t have to ask them to click on a

00:01:43link or they don’t have to wait for long

00:01:45download dropbox automatically loads

00:01:47when you turn on your computer and it

00:01:49automatically starts downloading any new

00:01:51files that have been added to your

00:01:52shared folders so if anybody’s add

00:01:54pictures or documents it’ll

00:01:56automatically start putting them onto

00:01:57your computer so you don’t have to you

00:02:00know wait and click on different links

00:02:01that come in I use it for other personal

00:02:05reasons so you know wedding pictures we

00:02:07took pictures out of friend’s wedding

00:02:08and added pictures in there and so they

00:02:10can go in and download those pictures

00:02:12father’s day songs all the all sorts of


00:02:16so that’s personal side on the business

00:02:19side I use it a couple ways so here’s

00:02:22one example and I tend to capitalize the

00:02:24ones that are shared folder says I know

00:02:27who have sharing it with summary is my

00:02:29marketing manager I have to click on any

00:02:31of these files here this is a shared

00:02:34folder so the one thing you have to

00:02:35watch out for is if I remove something

00:02:37from this folder it also removes it from

00:02:39the folder in her computer so you might

00:02:42want to have backups just in case or

00:02:44have clear communications as to you know

00:02:46when you can delete something so with

00:02:48with my parents i’ll send them copies of

00:02:51the pictures that i already have in my

00:02:53computer so they take it off that’s fine

00:02:54because they don’t want to clog up that

00:02:56that folder so with maria here are some

00:02:59files that she’s working on marketing

00:03:01related stuff for our business and what

00:03:03i can do is i can know what any of these

00:03:04files so if i wanted to see you know

00:03:06what this interview document is i can

00:03:09double click on that loaded edit it save

00:03:11it and it’ll save it in this folder and

00:03:14then also be updated on Maria’s computer

00:03:17so as soon as she turns on her computer

00:03:18she’ll download the file again

00:03:20automatically and it’ll have all my

00:03:22comments in it so instead of sending

00:03:24attachments back and forth it’s an easy

00:03:25way to edit file share files that can

00:03:29help you with your business so we tend

00:03:32to keep things in here and Maria doesn’t

00:03:34usually delete too much unless we don’t

00:03:37need that those files anymore so I can

00:03:39easily see the files that she needs my

00:03:41feedback on she just puts it in dropbox

00:03:43the other way that I use it in terms of

00:03:46sharing files is with sod who’s my video

00:03:48editor and he’s somebody who I hired

00:03:51through odesk which is another service

00:03:53that I love using has the outsourced

00:03:55tasks and what I’ll do here is so i’ll

00:03:59create these videos and I’m not the

00:04:00greatest video editor it takes me a long

00:04:02time and I’m not really good at it so I

00:04:04hired so had it was really good at it

00:04:06and what I’ll do is I’ll create the

00:04:08videos and I’ll put them in my dropbox

00:04:11and what happens is the automatically

00:04:15get uploaded to his computer so he can

00:04:16then download these automatically and

00:04:19whenever he’s done with it he puts the

00:04:21finished version back into the dropbox

00:04:22as well so i can see here that there are

00:04:251 2 3 4 5 different videos that he’s


00:04:29working on that I’ve done and he’s

00:04:32finished one about Pierre Omidyar who’s

00:04:34the founder of ebay for client tell us

00:04:37that I’m working with so what I’ll do

00:04:39here then is I have the folder also on

00:04:42my computer so this is out of dropbox

00:04:44and I will drag that finish file in here

00:04:49so it’s ready to be uploaded and then

00:04:52I’ll delete the source code stuff from

00:04:54his folder because we don’t need that

00:04:57anymore and it’s a great way to be able

00:05:00to manage documents so when we first

00:05:01started he would send me files and I

00:05:03would have to send him files and zip it

00:05:05up and unzip it and just became a huge

00:05:07headache but for this one it’s great

00:05:09because whenever i finish recording new

00:05:11videos like this one i’ll save it i’ll

00:05:13put it in here into my dropbox with him

00:05:15it automatically goes to his computer

00:05:17he’ll work on the files he’ll put it

00:05:19back in here and I can just drag it over

00:05:21to my local folder and an outside of

00:05:24Dropbox and use it which is fantastic so

00:05:27perfect to share files with outsource

00:05:30workers as well now a couple other ways

00:05:32that I use it if I go back to my dropbox

00:05:34you can also have a public folder and

00:05:37this is information that you want to

00:05:39share with the world if you want so

00:05:41online the vidual folders if it’s my

00:05:43parents or Maria or sad those folders

00:05:48can only be shared with those people so

00:05:50I invited both my parents to join me on

00:05:52my that folder with my parents and only

00:05:55we can access it if I want to then share

00:05:58information with the public you can put

00:06:01it in your public folder you can see

00:06:02it’s got a special a little globe icon

00:06:04in there and you can put whatever you

00:06:06want in that folder but it’s going to be

00:06:08accessible to everybody so if there’s

00:06:10files that you want everybody to have

00:06:12access to you know maybe you don’t know

00:06:14how to upload it to your website or its

00:06:16too time-consuming you can just put in

00:06:18your public folder and then send them a

00:06:20link to those files to anybody who

00:06:22you’re working with we may not have

00:06:23dropbox and in the last way that i use

00:06:26it is i use it as my own personal

00:06:28storage so most of the folders that

00:06:30you’ll see if i click on my business

00:06:32they’re not shared with anybody it’s

00:06:34just my personal online storage so

00:06:37instead of using a backup program

00:06:38Dropbox is my backup so I put all my new

00:06:41files in draw

00:06:42box so I can access them from any device

00:06:45so if I have my iPad I can get all my my

00:06:48Dropbox files and if I have a computer

00:06:51right office and the computer at home I

00:06:53can just sync them up so if I go to the

00:06:56office work on some file save it by the

00:06:58time I get home and load up my computer

00:06:59it’ll download all the changes that I’ve

00:07:01made I can also access it remotely so if

00:07:04I go on vacation I can just log in any

00:07:05computer and find all the files and if

00:07:07you do then decide to upgrade your

00:07:09computer all you have to do is install

00:07:10dropbox and it’ll automatically get all

00:07:12of those files for you instead of having

00:07:14to move to a zip drive or whatever and

00:07:18then get it over to your new computer so

00:07:20I find it super helpful to backup my

00:07:22files as well so those are the three

00:07:24main ways that I use it so the share

00:07:26with other people friends family and

00:07:30business to have a public folder that I

00:07:32can share with the general public if I

00:07:34want to and then as a backup system for

00:07:38all of my files so I hope you guys find

00:07:40that useful if anybody is using Dropbox

00:07:43maybe there’s a couple of new ways you

00:07:44can use it if you haven’t used dropbox

00:07:46go check it out i’m sure you get a lot

00:07:48of benefit from it I’ve mentioned some

00:07:50of it here it’s free for up to two

00:07:52gigabytes so my parents are on that free

00:07:55plan maria’s on that free plan since I

00:07:57used it a lot more share with a lot of

00:07:59people and I use it as my backup system

00:08:02I’m on the 50 gigabyte plan for 999 a

00:08:06month so still pretty cheap and super

00:08:08helpful as I use it to run a business so

00:08:11hopefully that helped you guys if you

00:08:13liked the video please give it a thumbs

00:08:14up I’d also love to hear your thoughts

00:08:16and feedback if you want to leave a

00:08:17comment below this video and stay tuned

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