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David Ogilvy Documentary – Success Story

00:00:09hi I’m Evan Carmichael and welcome to

00:00:12another edition of Melina masters I

00:00:13believe that the fastest and most

00:00:15effective way to grow your business is

00:00:17to model the strategies that people who

00:00:19have already done what you’re trying to

00:00:20do so today we’re going to look at the

00:00:22story of how a 38 year old man who had

00:00:25never written an advertisement in his

00:00:27life started an ad agency with $6,000 to

00:00:31his name and went on to become one of

00:00:33the most sought-after marketers in the

00:00:35world this is a story of advertising

00:00:37legend David Ogilvy and the top three

00:00:39lessons that you can learn from his

00:00:40success David Ogilvy was a founder of Oh

00:00:45Govinda Mader and is known as the father

00:00:47of advertising

00:00:48he took the long road to success working

00:00:50as a hotel chef a British intelligence

00:00:52officer and a traveling salesman selling

00:00:54kitchen stoves door-to-door he had

00:00:57success in sales and thought he could

00:00:58help other companies improve their

00:01:00marketing efforts so he started his own

00:01:02advertising agency in 1949 he was 38

00:01:05years old had never written an

00:01:07advertisement in his life and only had

00:01:09$6,000 to his name but he had a big

00:01:12dream and wanted to see it through

00:01:14attracting clients was a challenge in

00:01:16the beginning but he focused on getting

00:01:17results for his clients and he firmly

00:01:19believed that the best way to get new

00:01:21clients was to do outstanding work for

00:01:23his existing clients the few clients who

00:01:26was able to get loved his approach they

00:01:28rewarded him with larger budgets and

00:01:30referrals to other potential accounts

00:01:32after building up his business in New

00:01:34York he decided to merge with the


00:01:36agency mayor and Crowther in 1965 it

00:01:40gave his firm in international reach and

00:01:42the next year olga van Mather was one of

00:01:44the first advertising agencies to go

00:01:46public his company was acquired in 1989

00:01:49for 864 million dollars after Ogilvy

00:01:52built up reputation for being the most

00:01:54sought-after wizard in the advertising

00:01:56industry according to Time magazine he

00:01:59was elected to the US advertising Hall

00:02:00of Fame in 1977 and was inducted into

00:02:03the Junior Achievement US business Hall

00:02:05of Fame his legacy continues to leave a

00:02:07mark on everyone in the advertising

00:02:09world and his story provides lessons in

00:02:11marketing that we can

00:02:12learn from by focusing on his clients

00:02:17and by building his referrals David

00:02:19Ogilvy was able to go from a startup

00:02:21with zero experience into the most

00:02:23recognized person in his industry to

00:02:25help you boost your client referrals

00:02:27here are three action items that you can

00:02:29learn from David Ogilvy action item

00:02:33number one get your clients results do

00:02:36you want more referrals for your

00:02:37business blow your current clients away

00:02:40with how great a job you do don’t just

00:02:42exceed expectations go way above and

00:02:45beyond your customers are busy people if

00:02:48you want them to talk about you then you

00:02:50need to give them a reason to referred

00:02:52clients spend more buy more often have a

00:02:55shorter sales cycle and are way easier

00:02:57to work with referrals are the best way

00:03:00to attract more ideal clients so start

00:03:02offering so much extra value into what

00:03:04you do that they can’t help but talk to

00:03:06everyone they know about you Olga V maid

00:03:09getting results for his clients his

00:03:10firms top priority he realized that if

00:03:13he didn’t deliver they wouldn’t get

00:03:14repeat business or client referrals he

00:03:17didn’t want ads that were too creative

00:03:19that people couldn’t understand he also

00:03:21didn’t want well-written ads that were

00:03:22boring and weren’t going to be read he

00:03:25focused instead on creating ads that

00:03:26were bringing in dollars for his clients

00:03:28which is what he believed he was hired

00:03:30to do for his clients when he believed

00:03:33too many awards are being handed out in

00:03:34his industry for creativity he created

00:03:37his own David Ogilvy award to recognize

00:03:39a campaign that did the most to improve

00:03:41a client’s sales or reputation the award

00:03:44look everybody at his company know that

00:03:46they should focus primarily on making a

00:03:48cash register ring and not being the

00:03:50most creative according Olga V in the

00:03:54modern world of business it is useless

00:03:56to be a creative original thinker unless

00:03:58you can also sell what you create we

00:04:01sell or else the recommendations we make

00:04:05should be the recommendations we would

00:04:06make if we own their companies without

00:04:09regard to our own short-term interests

00:04:11this earns their respect which is the

00:04:13greatest asset we can have we exist to

00:04:16build the businesses of our clients

00:04:20action item number two test test test

00:04:23what you start off with is never what

00:04:26you end up with your products and

00:04:28services change your marketing changes

00:04:30and your business plan changes the only

00:04:32way to figure out if something is going

00:04:33to work or not

00:04:34is to test don’t wait until you have the

00:04:37perfect idea or perfect business plan

00:04:39because they don’t exist start sooner

00:04:41get feedback from potential customers

00:04:43and make changes and continue to test

00:04:46test test until you start getting the

00:04:48results that you’re looking for Olga V

00:04:50like to create campaigns that had a big

00:04:52idea attached to them if you don’t

00:04:54promote your business with a big idea

00:04:55then people were largely ignore you he

00:04:58realized that in order for your big idea

00:04:59to work you have to test Olga we

00:05:02believed in the importance of research

00:05:03so much that when you open this company

00:05:05his official title was research director

00:05:08he tested everything about his campaigns

00:05:10until he honed in on the concepts that

00:05:12delivered the best results according to

00:05:15Olga V you aren’t advertising to a

00:05:17standing army you’re advertising too

00:05:19moving parade the most important word in

00:05:22the vocabulary of advertising is test

00:05:24test your promise test your media test

00:05:27your headlines in your illustrations

00:05:28test the size of your advertisements

00:05:30test your frequency test your level of

00:05:33expenditure test your commercials never

00:05:36stop testing and your advertising will

00:05:38never stop improving if you pre test

00:05:40your product with consumers and pre test

00:05:43your advertising you will do well in the

00:05:45marketplace action item number three

00:05:49hire great people read almost any famous

00:05:52entrepreneur profile and you’ll see the

00:05:54hiring great people was one of the core

00:05:56strategies that helped propel their

00:05:57success you need to figure out what

00:05:59you’re really good at and where you add

00:06:01the most value to your business then

00:06:03hire amazing people to do everything

00:06:05else hire people who believe in what

00:06:08you’re doing and who love doing the

00:06:09tasks you need them to do so you can

00:06:11focus on building your business Olga V

00:06:14understood how important it is to have a

00:06:15great team of people working with you he

00:06:18therefore spent a great deal of effort

00:06:19making sure that they were given

00:06:21challenging opportunities recognition

00:06:23for achievement and as much

00:06:24responsibility as they could handle he

00:06:27invested in the hiring training and gave

00:06:29them independence and flexibility

00:06:31if an employee was battling a personal

00:06:33problem like illness or alcohol abuse

00:06:35the company would make every effort to

00:06:37help them in return however Ogilvy

00:06:40demanded the most famous people and had

00:06:42exceedingly high expectations of them

00:06:44according to Olga V if we hire people

00:06:47who are smaller than we are we become a

00:06:50company of Dwarfs if we hire people who

00:06:52are larger than we are we become a

00:06:54company of giants some of our people

00:06:57spend their entire working lives in

00:06:59Ogilvy & Mather

00:07:00we try to make it a stimulating and

00:07:02happy experience we put this first we

00:07:05see no conflict between adherence to

00:07:07high professional standards in our work

00:07:08and human kindness in our dealings with

00:07:11each other we treat our people as human

00:07:13beings I believe in a Scottish proverb

00:07:16hard work never killed a man men die of

00:07:19boredom psychological conflict and

00:07:21disease they do not die of hard work set

00:07:25exorbitant standards and give your

00:07:27people hell when they don’t live up to

00:07:28them there is nothing so demoralizing as

00:07:31a boss who tolerates second-rate work

00:07:35so remember get your clients results

00:07:38test test test and hire great people to

00:07:43finish up this video I wanted to share

00:07:45one of my favorite true stories well

00:07:46David Ogilvy and some of his best quotes

00:07:50in his ads Ogilvy would often make the

00:07:53company logo twice the size a good thing

00:07:55to do because most advertisements are

00:07:57deficient in brand identification he

00:08:00would also show his clients faces

00:08:01because the public is more interested in

00:08:03personalities than in corporations

00:08:05author Ogilvy techniques include

00:08:08studying and imitating graphics used by

00:08:09editors since it’s been found that the

00:08:12lasting advertisement looks like an

00:08:13advertisement and the more it looks like

00:08:15an editorial the more readers stop look

00:08:17and read he would place photographs at

00:08:20the top of his ads given that people

00:08:22have a habit of scanning down words and

00:08:23also learned that there’s very little

00:08:25value in saying something without

00:08:27illustrating it because the viewer

00:08:29immediately forgets it

00:09:04thank you for joining me for another

00:09:05edition of my Linda masters if you like

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