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Advice for a new medical startup – Ask Evan

00:00:09hi I’m Evan Carmichael and welcome to

00:00:12another edition of ask Evan in today’s

00:00:14video I’m going to answer question from

00:00:15one of my readers dawn who was in the

00:00:17early stages of setting up a new

00:00:19business he says he’s not on Facebook or

00:00:20Twitter but he wanted to get my advice

00:00:22he’s in a medical sales rep company that

00:00:26he wants to create and he wanted my

00:00:28advice on how to find new products to be

00:00:30able to sell and hopefully be successful

00:00:32with this new company so don I don’t

00:00:34know much about the medical sales

00:00:35business but the best option for you is

00:00:38to go and start talking to customers

00:00:40most people will work the other way

00:00:41around they’ll go start talking to

00:00:43suppliers and find great deals on new

00:00:46products that they can sell only to find

00:00:48out that customers don’t want what

00:00:50they’re selling so your best bet is to

00:00:51go find a customer start asking them

00:00:54where they have a need so figure out

00:00:56what they’re trying to buy right now

00:00:58that they’re having a hard time buying

00:00:59or if they have any problem

00:01:01relationships with current suppliers all

00:01:03right if somebody has a really good

00:01:04relationship with the supplier and

00:01:06they’ve been working with them for years

00:01:07and really happy it’s gonna be really

00:01:08hard for you to get in there and be the

00:01:10new guy but if they’ve had a bad

00:01:12relationship or they’re frustrated with

00:01:14the supplier because you know they’re

00:01:16not delivering on time or a whole host

00:01:18of other issues then that’s an

00:01:19opportunity for you to come in and be

00:01:21able to be the new supplier so start

00:01:23talking to customers find a pain point

00:01:25that they have find the need and then

00:01:27you’re working around a paying customer

00:01:30which is the best way to grow a business

00:01:31if you can so it’s exciting part for you

00:01:34right now in this early stage I would

00:01:35start talking to customers find that

00:01:37pain point build around what they need

00:01:39and you’re on your way to building a

00:01:41successful company so I hope that helps

00:01:43dawn if you guys like this video please

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00:01:46more and it also love to hear what your

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