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Disposable Lighter Pyrotechnics

00:00:07if you’ve got any old lighters lying

00:00:09around get them ready because we’re

00:00:11going to use them for some mini

00:00:12pyrotechnic entertainment


00:00:29for this project I’m using these cheap

00:00:31butane lighters I found in a dollar

00:00:33store three for a buck

00:00:34I’ll get those out of the package and

00:00:36then volunteer this green one for

00:00:38disassembly a pair of needlenose pliers

00:00:40is great for removing the valve guard

00:00:42and that will give me access to the

00:00:43tensioner that tightens and loosens the

00:00:45valve by manipulating the valve

00:00:47counterclockwise and much further than

00:00:49it was ever intended I can turn this

00:00:51little lighter into a mini flamethrower

00:00:53this is because a significant amount of

00:00:55gas is being released now which is

00:00:57obvious because of the 12-inch flames

00:00:59shooting out that’s a foot long flame

00:01:01but be careful because your lighter

00:01:02might catch on fire and then what are

00:01:04you going to do all right to make a

00:01:06flint bomb I’ll use my pliers to

00:01:07carefully remove the striker wheel from

00:01:09the two plastic tabs there’s a

00:01:10spring-loaded piece of Flint behind the

00:01:12wheel so I’ll make sure not to lose it

00:01:14when it comes flying out I just need the

00:01:16spring and the piece of flint and when

00:01:17I’m ready I can stretch one end of the

00:01:19spring to make a gap large enough to

00:01:21insert the Flint wrapping the spring

00:01:23around a couple of times ensures the

00:01:24Flint is held in place and it should

00:01:26look something like this

00:01:27time to light it up for convenience I’m

00:01:30using a candle flame so that I have both

00:01:31hands-free to energize the Flint it

00:01:33takes about 25 seconds to see any result

00:01:36but I do see it starting to glow orange

00:01:38and when it starts glowing this brightly

00:01:40it’s ready for action just throw it on a

00:01:42hard surface and whammo you’ve got a

00:01:44little mini firework I’m not happy about

00:01:46how that squirts my patio though so I’m

00:01:48using a concrete tile as my new target

00:01:50this time I’ll try using another lighter

00:01:53to heat this piece of Flint and I’m

00:01:54trying to keep it in the orange part of

00:01:56the flame because that’s where it’s the

00:01:57hottest when it’s glowing bright orange

00:01:59I’ve got about five seconds to throw it

00:02:01and get the shower of sparks I’m looking

00:02:03for waiting any longer than that could

00:02:05make it self destruct before getting it

00:02:06out of your hands and this premature

00:02:08spark ulation results in another scorch

00:02:11mark on my patio I tried this at night

00:02:13and got some very impressive results I

00:02:15did some tests on the street and that

00:02:17made for a cool-looking firework effect

00:02:18the sparks burn hot and look awesome and

00:02:21it’s amazing to see how much light these

00:02:23flash off all my Flint is used up now

00:02:25but I still have these lighter bodies

00:02:27packed full of liquid butane and I’m

00:02:29sure there’s something I can use them


00:02:32somehow this feels like it could be a

00:02:33really dangerous idea luckily it’s just

00:02:35sprung a leak and turned into a dual

00:02:37flamethrower but if I smash another one

00:02:39down beside it I get more of the fire

00:02:41show I was hoping for I’m going to stand

00:02:43far away for this one because when the

00:02:45flame burns through the red casing it

00:02:47demonstrates an amazing flaming fireball

00:02:49well that was impressive

00:02:50as long as you have enough lighters you

00:02:52can make a mini firework show that will

00:02:54look like this or this and this how

00:02:57about this this and that it only cost me

00:03:0133 cents to do this flame flash and boom

00:03:04well that was a fun project but very

00:03:07dangerous as well so use extreme caution

00:03:09if you decide to try this for yourself

00:03:11or someone could get hurt that’s it for

00:03:13now if you liked this project perhaps

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00:03:17out at the king of random calm