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The Last Stand – Official Trailer (2013) Arnold Schwarzenegger [HD]


00:00:24sure almost didn’t recognize you in

00:00:26plain clothes wasn’t a day off should be

00:00:29a quiet weekend we have a situation

00:00:33we’ve got a cartel with heavy firepower

00:00:35headed towards a boil and there’s a

00:00:38strong chance of coming your way

00:00:41I’ve seen enough blood and death I know

00:00:45what’s coming

00:00:51I’m little if that guy comes to our town

00:00:53you know to fight very nice

00:00:59are you sure

00:01:10bring everything you got

00:01:14I’m sure

00:01:20Wow you look at Jack you’ve been working