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The Family – Official Trailer (2013) Robert De Niro [HD]

00:00:08there was a time when I had it all

00:00:10people would ask me what was it like

00:00:12being untouchable question they really

00:00:18should have asked was what happens when

00:00:20it’s all over


00:00:27you set a good example bar snitching on

00:00:29your friends in the mob


00:00:32I don’t think there’s anywhere further

00:00:34from Brooklyn in this rat hole think of

00:00:36being in witness protection

00:00:38welcome to France try to fit in I’m

00:00:40getting tired of finding you a new place

00:00:41to live every 90 days so can we sell the

00:00:44same names now we are the Blake family

00:00:46you thing to report good school oops

00:00:51yeah you know there was it just better

00:00:53than we do your mania thank you

00:00:58let’s talk about the complaints I have

00:01:01received complaints corruption theft

00:01:03bribery I wanna see my lawyer do caca

00:01:09winds peanut butter on the right after

00:01:12the dog food maxie stupid America

00:01:18how’s your day

00:01:23you know it’s gonna have you and your

00:01:25family when I find you

00:01:26we’re here to make sure that don’t

00:01:28happen right try not to make my job


00:01:32there is someone finding operation get

00:01:37that family out

00:01:38I confess it’s been years since I went

00:01:41to confession they should have either

00:01:45what is all this grief about raise your

00:01:48phone you know many friends

00:01:51I gotta find my kids


00:02:08how was the first day nothing special

00:02:11that I’m feeling

00:02:16why’d you kill the plumber I didn’t kill

00:02:19I took him to the hospital who’s gonna

00:02:21fix the pipes now who’s gonna rebuild

00:02:23the supermarket that burned down the day

00:02:25we got here