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THE COMPANY YOU KEEP Official Trailer (2013) [HD]

00:00:07prisoner is considered dangerous you do

00:00:10not accept anything from her no letters


00:00:15of any kind your time startsnow former

00:00:19Weather Underground leader Sharon solarz

00:00:21one of the longest standing fugitives on

00:00:24the FBI’s most wanted list

00:00:26was arrested yesterday thirty years

00:00:27after the notorious Bank of Michigan

00:00:29robbery which resulted in the death of a

00:00:31guard what’s wrong

00:00:32you look weird I’m fine honey you’re on

00:00:35your way to New York to turn yourself in

00:00:37don’t move hands in air I thought that

00:00:39that would bring me peace why now after

00:00:4130 years who’s your best reporter prove

00:00:44it can I see the case file for old times

00:00:47sake yes because we hooked up in college

00:00:48I’m gonna give you access to FBI

00:00:50wiretaps wire touch mr. grant I’m Ben

00:00:54Shepard all week sometimes I don’t

00:00:55really have anything to say I don’t know

00:00:57one last you every what I said you don’t

00:00:58know what I’m asking you I look at the

00:01:01man’s history the man doesn’t exist

00:01:02before 1979

00:01:03you should’ve Nicolas lawn has been

00:01:05exposed by a reporter living as a lawyer

00:01:07named James grant does grant have any

00:01:09family a daughter 11

00:01:12see you soon is on the move what the

00:01:15hell is happening we’re graduating a

00:01:17building it’s a diversion lock down the

00:01:20building now no one goes in or out I got

00:01:22it don’t move engineer hello damn I

00:01:26don’t want anything to do with this I

00:01:27need your help

00:01:29where are you going – he’s running Lloyd

00:01:32I think you tried clear his name

00:01:35our government was murdering millions we

00:01:38never betrayed each other any of us over

00:01:40all these years

00:01:41got him you have a full green light what

00:01:43are you willing to take a risk part

00:01:45you’re about to do a lot of damage to a

00:01:48lot of people I would be damn sure you

00:01:50know what you’re talking about

00:01:51we all die some of us came back secrets

00:01:56are dangerous think man you got answers

00:01:58but not the ones you think