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RED 2 – Official Trailer #3 (2013) Bruce Willis, John Malkovich [HD]

00:00:07what are we doing here no this is both

00:00:10living life Frank you’re doing I need

00:00:14you look I’m retired okay you haven’t

00:00:17killed anybody in the plans that’s a

00:00:20positive thing they’re coming I can feel

00:00:23it 96 hours ago somebody sent you and I

00:00:27took part in an operation called night

00:00:29shape at the height of the Cold War a

00:00:31Megaton device was smuggled in a Moscow

00:00:33piece by piece and then reassemble

00:00:36scientist was Edward Bailey he’s in an

00:00:39asylum for the criminally insane Frank

00:00:41Moses my dear fellow I’m so you’ve been

00:00:44locked up here for 32 years come on

00:00:46Frankie gonna be kidding me yet come on

00:00:48put him up 11 million people gonna lose

00:00:51their advice if you don’t help me is

00:00:53there any way you can tell us where the

00:00:54bombs I invented it not good mi6 has

00:01:00just given me a contract to kill you

00:01:02apparently you’re number one on

00:01:03Interpol’s most wanted why did you say

00:01:06it’s important to enjoy life while you

00:01:09still can they’re sending an old friend

00:01:12of yours as well this best contract

00:01:16killing the world we need help

00:01:20hello Frank Russia trouble how are

00:01:25things yeah Frank how are things what

00:01:34are you doing kissing my girl what

00:01:36happens in the Kremlin stays in the

00:01:39Kremlin you gave her a gun no idea what

00:01:44timeish what to do with it let the old

00:01:50days friend I hate her so much look dead

00:01:56man Moses ain’t dead yet

00:02:04I never heard of you must be a little

00:02:06bit before my time well you’ve heard of

00:02:10me now

00:02:18saving the world yeah flavia who deemed