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Ratchet and Clank – Official Teaser Trailer (2015) [HD]

00:00:16space a wondrous realm where heroes are

00:00:19forged a place of peril an adventure and

00:00:26sure you can quark just sound out the

00:00:29big words like your practice stop

00:00:42apologies captain

00:00:44everyone is out making the Ratchet and

00:00:45Clank movie and I can’t spend a few more

00:00:48hours getting us a bit of pizzazz Oh

00:00:50lazy are they whoa hold on you don’t

00:00:54want to anger such a talented team of

00:00:56animators oh please what will they do

00:00:58stop animating come don’t lock work

00:01:02there are kids here Oh real mature guys

00:01:19just apologize sorry sorry sheesh that’s

00:01:30more like it

00:01:31no how about one of those epic slogans

00:01:34that’s that stuff she went to a grocery

00:01:38set aside their petty squabbles they can

00:01:45never mess with the animators