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Killing Season – Official Trailer (2013) Robert De Niro, John Travolta [HD]

00:00:09what are you going we were hoping you’d

00:00:20come down they just keep me a little

00:00:22busy up here you sure you’re all right

00:00:27out of here I’m gonna head back you’re

00:00:29welcome to join me long way from home

00:00:32aren’t you they came for Trophy you’d

00:00:34hunted like me tomorrow you should come

00:00:37with me they had another hit theater

00:00:38collection hello go back

00:01:08you’re not Bosnia Serbia

00:01:11we’re both killers it’s time to confess

00:01:19how’s it feel to be the one getting


00:01:26you want a war come & get it